Renovate Bungalow - Checklist

Renovate Bungalow - Checklist

The 70s left some relics. One of them is the bungalow. Today it shines in modern splendor through thoughtful renovation.

Preliminary Considerations - When Renovating Considering the Ground-Level of the Building

A bungalow is a very special design due to its ground-level construction. The fact that all rooms are on one level offers many advantages, especially in old age. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. So especially heat loss and high mold risk. Due to their mostly old age, the buildings are also often under monument protection.

  • For the passive house concept, do not forget to plan a highly efficient ventilation system for mildew protection.
  • Have humidity values ​​measured: Before renovation Dewatering:
  • For a client, this must be considered before refurbishing the facade required?
  • Interior check: localize any molds and renew masonry.
  • Soak up the extension for future moisture and heat protection.
  • Arrange the construction project with the municipality: clarify the monument protection question.

Renovation measures and building services of a modern one Bungalows

When an old bungalow becomes a passive house, special heating systems and insulation measures are required. A modern and imaginative home automation completes the planning. For example, the flat bungalow roof is perfect for modernizing with a solar station.

  • Plan perimeter insulation and reinforcement of the facade.
  • Due to limited number of bungalow windows, you may need to plan additional windows.
  • Triple-glazed windows for heat loss use.
  • Use residual heat recovery heat exchanger systems.
  • Install sufficient ventilation ducts for mold prevention.
  • Equip flat roof with solar system, but ensure load capacity beforehand and replace roof if necessary.
  • Steep rain water treatment systems and deep well pump for water supply.

Interior and garden - Drywall for additions and conversions

Since bungalows often do not provide enough space for families, many owners continue to develop the 70s relics while renovating.

  • Tear down walls for family-friendliness
  • For modern flair of new exterior walls to the garden use floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Use drywall systems for interior and extension measures.
  • Modernize interior wood cladding with plasterboard cladding.
  • Possibly roof extension to the terrace or small roof garden. Saves land area and facilitates cultivation projects.
  • For raised bungalows: souvenir wooden terrace that leads down to the garden via steps.

Well thought-out bungalow renovation is a visual, energetic and functional improvement

Renovation is all about value-added the measures. Ideally, the project provides for better look, functionality and energy balance.

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