Renovating the bathroom cheaply - step by step

Renovating the bathroom cheaply - step by step

There are various ways to renovate a bathroom cheaply. For example, by sweeping the old tile mirror.

1. Renovating the Bath - Planning

First, the bathroom renovation should be carefully planned to keep track of the procedure and the costs. Depending on the planning scope, the floor and wall design as well as the lighting, furniture and electrical installation are included. For this, the bath is exactly measured and outlined.

2. Include Details

In addition, a demand list is created that suits the bathroom users. If necessary, a double vanity is required or a floor-level rain shower desired. All this can be achieved with the bath renovation.

3. Analyzing light sources

If the light situation in the old bathroom was not optimal so far, it can be corrected in the course of the renovation. There are different lighting moods. LED lights and bars provide a friendly light in the morning. Mirror illumination is important for even shave and cosmetic illumination.

5. Get an estimate

There is hardly a hobby craftsman who can carry out all the necessary work on the bathroom renovation himself. A quotation is free and without obligation. So, ideally, you can get different offers with price guarantee and compare them to make it as cheap as possible.

5. Spice up walls and floors

Outdated tiles with outmoded colors and patterns significantly affect the look of the bathroom. But replacing the tiles is time consuming and costly. With special tile varnish the renovation succeeds cheaper, faster and cleaner. Any hobbyist can do this work himself.

6. Refurbishing your furniture

If the bathroom furniture is still well-preserved, you can give it a completely new look by simply gluing it on with decorative foil. So they fit into the newly renovated bathroom. In the shops you get furniture foil as blanks or rolls, which can be applied without any problems and removed without leaving any residue.

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