Removing Tree Roots in the Garden

Removing Tree Roots in the Garden

Tree roots are often perceived as disturbing in the garden. The question is how to remove the stump. There are several possibilities for this.

Eliminate Disturbing Tree Roots

Who did not have a tree in his garden from which to separate? What remains are the tree roots and the stump. The root system of long ago felled trees does not grow any further, so it can normally remain in the ground. The slow natural decomposition supplies the soil with important nutrients.

Anyone who does not plan a major transformation at the site of the felled tree can let nature take its course. If he does not bother, the remnant can be creatively decorated into the overall picture of the garden.

By contrast, the roots of freshly felled deciduous or fruit trees continue to thrive for many years, which brings additional work. For gardeners, this is a thorn in the side for aesthetic reasons.

If the garden corner is otherwise planned or if mowing is easier, the remainder must give way. To remove a stump, autumn is the best season before winter hardens the ground.

Picking Tree Stump from the Earth

Trees with a shallow and weak root system, such as spruce trees, cypress trees or trees of life, can be combined with one Dig up spades. Provided the trunk diameter is not more than 30 centimeters. This is done with a sharp spade around the trunk to remove the soil until the root system is exposed. As soon as the gardener meets the first roots, they can be severed with an ax or chainsaw.

It is important to take a piece out of larger tree roots so that they do not interfere with further excavation. Thus, the stump loosens piece by piece and can be with a lever tool by moving back and forth. The remaining fine roots tear off and the trunk can be taken out. Then the hole along with the rest of the root system is filled with compost and garden soil.

This mixture contains microorganisms that allow the fine residual roots to decompose. With advanced rotting the garden owner can plant the new area. Who wants to save the sweaty show of strength, can tackle the problem with a mini excavator and tear out the tree remains.

Small excavators work much faster and more efficiently with a so-called root rat. The harrow is installed at the front of the implement, where it uses all the power of the minibagger. This allows the device to excavate a 90 cm wide oak trunk within half an hour. In the meantime, numerous rental stations offer root rats starting at 20 euros per hour.

Unfortunately, the machine in the garden has one drawback: the trunk remains in an area where the excavator can reach. Often, this is not possible in a densely vegetated garden.

Rout off remaining trunk in the garden

Should there be no room for the root-rat excavator, the next option is to use a motor-cutter. For milling, the specialist companies usually charge about 100 euros per hour including equipment and working hours. But those who are well prepared can cut costs by freeing the tree roots. Then the specialist with the milling machine can begin immediately and finish quickly.

Those who are comfortable with milling themselves can rent tree trimmings in the hardware store for around 80 euros. Some lenders calculate the rent also with one to two euros per trunk diameter plus access and removal costs. But the transport can be saved, the root remains are sawn and composted. But the handling of the heavy root milling must be practiced, requires a lot of strength and best helping hands.

Removing a tree trunk remnant can create new space in the garden. Often this is associated with high costs and a lot of effort. However, it is a realistic and easy alternative to rot the trunk in a natural way. Anyone who saws this down to the ground in a checkerboard pattern and drills deep holes speeds up the process.

Then fill the grooves and holes with semi-mature compost and a compost accelerator. This mixture contains many fungal spores, which quickly decompose the still fresh wood. During this time, the garden owner can include the stump in the garden design. If a flower bowl or a bird house is draped on it, this makes the trunk even a decorative gem.

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