Removing mildew from plastic - the best tips

Removing mildew from plastic - the best tips

Especially in winter, mildew quickly forms on plastic surfaces.

Vinegar cleans the plastic surface

If plastic garden furniture is infested with mold, vinegar essence helps to clean it. Rub in the affected areas and then wipe thoroughly with a cloth. In order to prevent discoloration on the surface, the acid concentration in the vinegar should not be too high.

High-percentage alcohol cleans moldy window frames

An effective home remedy for mold on the window frame is alcohol. This should have an alcohol content of at least 70 percent. The alcohol dries out the affected areas and disinfects them. To get into the nooks and crannies on the window, simply use a cotton swab.

Spray bottle

Especially for plastic surfaces, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide has proven to be effective. To do this, add 3% peroxide to a spray bottle and spray the affected areas with it. The remaining moisture on the surface can be rubbed off after about twenty minutes of exposure, the mold has disappeared.

Grape Seed Extract Removal is Completely Odorless

A mixture of grape seed extract and water helps liberate small parts of mold. With a rag or by spraying the agent is applied to the desired location. In addition to the removal of mold, the extract prevents a new formation of spores. This method is non-toxic and completely odor-free.

For silicone joints, only renewing

helps. Joint affected by mold can usually not be cleaned. The pores literally dig into the silicone. After a superficial cleaning, a new mold is formed quickly. The best remedy in this case is to remove the old joints with a utility knife.

Extensive Washing Exempts Shower Curtains from Mold

Mold on a plastic shower curtain can be removed by extensive washing. For pre-treatment, washing in a bucket with warm water, detergent and chlorine bleach helps. Following the shower curtain comes at the highest possible temperature in the washing machine. Washing towels together will prevent the curtain from crumpling too much.

Permanent removal of mold by fungicide

In order to effectively defeat mold, it is important to have fungicide treatment in addition to regular ventilation. Tea tree oil is one of the biological fungicides and helps especially with black mold. The active substance kills the spores, a renewed infestation is prevented over several years.

Professional assistance in case of heavy infestation

If a pronounced mold infestation is present, the help of experts is recommended. These help to not only fight the mold effectively, but also to clarify the causes. In the removal of the mold, care is also taken to remove harmful germs and pathogens.

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