Dwelling house - the perfect solution for thrifty home improvement

Dwelling house - the perfect solution for thrifty home improvement

Who wants to build cheap and no time-consuming and Exhausting building activities shy away, buys a development house and does the interior work itself.

The self-executed work in interior design can save a lot of money, since this contribution is also calculated on the equity. Correspondingly inexpensive is the house construction. When planning a development house, however, it is important to check the exact arrangements. Flat-rate regulations are not available, so that the suppliers of prefabricated and development houses can make the contracts freely. Which services are actually taken over by the construction company and which the client assumes is negotiable and must be recorded in writing.

Planning of the construction period

Due to the own contribution of the construction house the work has to be planned exactly. How long the construction period lasts depends on the extent of the self-executed work. The more effort the various activities in interior design involve, the more time is needed. While the development house is being prepared by the construction company within a few weeks, the interior work can take several months. The construction phase also depends on the size and type of the house.

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In general, the exterior walls as well as the associated thermal insulation, the roof including the roofing and the chimney belong to a development house. The façade plaster or the outer lining are also part of the construction work. Usually windows, outer doors and conduits for the connecting cables are also mounted by the construction company. The prefabricated house is rainproof, thermally insulated and offers even in adverse weather conditions the necessary conditions to work here. In the case of two-storey houses, the staircase is usually included in the construction work.

Extension houses in various expansion stages

Those who do not want to overwhelm themselves with their own contribution can opt for a development house where, for example, the screed has already been laid or the Heating system includes. Depending on the individual skills and the helpfulness in the circle of acquaintances further construction stages can be agreed with the construction companies. These relate to sanitary installations, thermal insulation, drywall or other services. Individual extension elements such as a chimney or a winter garden can also be managed or commissioned.

The expansion packages of the construction companies

The advantage of the individual expansion packages lies in the clear cost planning. The clients can see at a glance what costs are incurred and what they can do themselves. The companies also offer them the right amount of material they use themselves. The suppliers of extension houses ensure that the individual elements fit together. If necessary, they provide the building owners with work instructions or give them helpful tips. All deliveries should first be checked before signing the delivery note to be sure that the quantity is correct.

Warranty and Other Issues

In-house removal may cause difficulties if defects occur. Here it must be determined exactly where the error lies. If the builder himself is responsible, he can not hold the contractor liable. In case of doubt, a handover protocol must be prepared and all construction documents must be revoked. To avoid damage, the work should only be performed by persons who are familiar with electrical or soldering work, for example. If the builder fears that he has overestimated his craft, he should contact a specialist. This is security.

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