Transforming the Bathroom - More Than Just a Wet Room

Transforming the Bathroom - More Than Just a Wet Room

The value of a dwelling rises and falls with the quality of the bathroom. When transforming, you can incorporate creative ideas.

The bathroom as a wellness oasis

A modern bathroom has more to offer than just personal hygiene. It should be a place of relaxation and the opportunity for leisure. The trend is towards large and bright rooms. If you lack the right amount of space, you have to be creative when planning your bathroom. The entire modern comfort of the body hygiene is to be accommodated in smallest space.

Should be in a small bath not a bidet or a steam shower be dispensed, to offer toilets with washing function and combinations of steam shower with jacuzzi. For very narrow spaces, open-plan showers with clear glass walls are a good solution.

If possible, there should be enough space for a modern bathroom. A large bathroom is preferable to a small one. Thus, instead of a closed, an open kitchen can be built into the living space and the former kitchen becomes a bathroom.

Functionally and tastefully redesigned

If new wall and floor tiles are planned anyway, you should take the opportunity use to completely redesign the space. It is important to break away from the previous split. Washbasins, showers and bathtubs can be placed anywhere in the room. It is only technically appropriate to leave the toilet at the previous place. Therefore, you should consider the toilet as a fixed point in the Ungestalten. It should later be visually and spatially separated from the rest of the sanitary ware. A large bathtub across the toilet in the room is a good approach.

Tiles are practical, but unnecessary

Tiles are the classics of the bathroom design. Nevertheless, there are other beautiful materials that are suitable for a bathroom: walls with full-surface colored glass panels, metal plates or homely wood give bathrooms a new atmosphere. Even wet room laminates are a good alternative to tiles.

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