Relocation postponed, where with the furniture

Relocation postponed, where with the furniture

The feeder must wait, but the pull-out can not be moved. Now it is time to find a shelter for the furniture.

Delays in new construction are no disaster

Anyone who has quit his apartment must vacate it. The option of simply not taking off is expensive, because in this case, the new tenant must be compensated. He is entitled to adequate accommodation, as well as the storage of the furniture. In individual cases, several parties have to be compensated if, for example, this hinders the entry of their new tenants.

The cheapest option is to move out on time and to find accommodation with friends or family. Campsites and cheap guesthouses are also suitable for some time to accommodate without incurring high costs.

The biggest problem in this situation is furniture. Most of the furniture does not have to be part of the new apartment. This can be disposed of immediately. Anyone ordering new furniture may ask the furniture retailer to wait to be delivered. For a large part it is necessary to find a storage room.

Storage is possible in containers that are located on their own property. Another option is to rent a storage room or to hire a moving company for temporary storage. Which storage is the most sensible in individual cases can generally not be answered.

Container storage on own property

If there is room for a container on the building plot, the homeowner rents such a storage box. It is important to choose a model that is suitable for storing furniture or files. Simple shipping containers are usually enough. Residential containers are more expensive, but have an insulation. The stored goods are protected from frost and high heat.

The storage container has the advantage that the inventory is already on site. If the house is gradually finished, the landlord can already give some of the furniture and possibly even already live in the house before it is completely finished.

Note: Pulling in before completion can lead to legal problems. Smart homeowners therefore have a conversation with the lawyer beforehand.

Moving companies are rarely willing to put the furniture in a container as they often offer their own storage. If helpers are hired, it is generally to be considered that almost two removals are to be paid. The first move involves dismantling, transporting and stowing in the warehouse, the second providing for the house and the building.

Renting a storeroom

In many cities companies rent out storage rooms. The procedure is similar to the storage in the container on site. The cost is usually a little lower.

The advantage of the storage room is that there is no space on the building plot to accommodate a container. Also, the furniture is less exposed to physical stress when it is in a solid building.

But there are also disadvantages: Often the furniture is in a large hall, to which many people have access. The only protection against foreign access is just a fence. A very big disadvantage is that an additional transport is required. The whole inventory has to go from the old apartment to the warehouse and from there to the new apartment. This is only worthwhile if the move is predominantly self-directed.

Relocation with a specialized company

Large moving companies either have good storage facilities or work with interchangeable containers. You collect the goods for removal on the agreed date with a container, drive it to a parking space and bring it along with the furniture when the house is ready.

Full service is possible with this option. If required, companies can transport heavy, bulky furniture from the desired floor with a furniture lift and, in the same way, later put it in their place.

Although this solution is usually the most expensive, but also by far the most comfortable and safest. The company guarantees to store and transport the inventory without damage. The relocation stress is minimal even in the adverse circumstances that the house will be finished too late.

Help from the relocation professional is well worth

Anyone who puts everything together quickly realizes that the professional solution is often the best. Self-direction means organizing voluntary helpers, renting containers or sheds, paying heavy manual labor for many hours, and paying a small fee for helpers. Most of the time something breaks down that nobody replaces. Especially in the precarious situation that the new apartment is not ready in time, each homeowner should avoid stress.

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