Reinstall Garage Door - Possibilities

Reinstall Garage Door - Possibilities

A garage door with a dull and peeling paint is not a pretty sight. There are many ways to redeposit the gate.

Repainting the door

Painting is the simplest and least expensive option. When burnishing paint on metal, sand it sufficiently. It is a good primer.

Another layer of varnish must be removed - even on a wooden door - before painting with a hot air device or paint stripper. Then follow sanding and priming.

A garage door is rarely smooth. For the indentations, a brush, for the elevations a paint roller is the best tool.

Dressing with wood

Profile boards are suitable for wood paneling of a metal gate with wood. The weight is not too high for a normal garage door. Even without a coat of weather is larch wood. At fifteen euros per square meter, it is twice as expensive as spruce. For this, the regular brushing with wood protection is no longer necessary.

Self-tapping screws are used for fastening. Pre-drilling through wood and metal is required. Additionally fitted wooden slats give the cladding an elegant character or suggest a rustic barn door with double door leaf.

Installing plastic panels

Plastic panels are more expensive than profile boards for disguising garage doors. Depending on the version, they cost twenty euros per square meter. For outdoor plastic is weatherproof and stays like new for many years. Whether metallised or with wood decor, depends on the style in which the gate is to be rediscovered.

The garage door as a work of art

Those who are more daring make their garage door a work of art. From the village view in the style of naive painting to the futuristic airbrush, everything is possible. With the high expenditure a particularly careful preparation of the underground is important.

An artist, who trusts this work, she can be well paid well. Two thousand euros including material are realistic for a professional.

Graffiti legal on the garage

Gifted graffiti sprayers from the local youth center are happy about legal surfaces on which they may realize themselves. Here it often stays with the material price. However, there is uncertainty as to whether the work meets the customer's taste.

Courage to Combine

A wood paneling can be upgraded to a real eye-catcher with an additional painting. It is cheaper than a full-surface painting. A painted cat flap or dog house with four-legged friends with attached profiles - the imagination knows no bounds.

A material image for the garage door

Original material images can be created from old tools, car parts or household appliances. The total weight of all assembled items must not be too high. Also, do not apply too much, otherwise the door will catch on the frame when opening.

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