Rehabilitating Concrete Wall - Checklist

Rehabilitating Concrete Wall - Checklist

Due to bad weather conditions or inferior material, resulting in the Concrete wall Cracks and holes that should be rehabilitated in a timely manner.

Professionally repairing a concrete wall

Cracks in the concrete wall must be professionally removed, otherwise moisture may penetrate and permanently damage the wall. Reinforced concrete tends to rusty places. These can be removed with a sandblaster. Before renovation, the compatibility of the filler must be tested in one place.

  • Fill cracks in the concrete with fillers.
  • The crack width must not exceed 0.8 millimeters.
  • Large cracks can be removed with epoxy resins
  • Cracks must be checked after remediation.
  • When reappearing, the cause of the cracks must be found and removed.
  • Cracks may not be created without reason and must also be checked.
  • The filler must comply with the manufacturer's instructions
  • The concrete wall is provided with a protective coating after the concrete repair to make it more weather resistant.

Removing rust spots

In order to make a concrete wall more stable and resistant, a reinforcement is recommended for building a house. This is an insertion of steel into the concrete. The wall, reinforced by reinforced concrete, has a long service life. But even reinforced concrete can be damaged by improper processing or bad material that needs to be repaired. Moisture and invading oxygen create rust. The rust causes the concrete to chip off. Rusty colorings occur. These rusty areas must be expertly removed during renovation.

  • Small spots can be removed with scouring cream and brush.
  • After drying, the area is brushed off.
  • Large areas are removed with the aid of ascorbic acid.
  • This
  • After drying, the wall can be rinsed off.
  • After drying, the wall can be repainted.

Cracks in house building

When building a house, cracks occur in the concrete , a clarification of the cause is important. Otherwise, the damage can recur and cause costs.

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