Recessed luminaires - subtle and effective light sources

Recessed luminaires - subtle and effective light sources

Recessed luminaires are special luminaires used in ceilings, walls and floors. The luminaire bodies are available in round or square shape.

The luminaire bodies of recessed luminaires are available in round or square shape and fit easily into the respective living ambience due to their simple design and the functional look. Recessed luminaires are suitable both as trouble-free ambient light for the entire room as well as for targeted illumination of certain areas. For example, recessed luminaires in the office and kitchen provide bright working light, while they also provide good orientation in corridors or staircases. Particularly practical are lamps with movable lamp head. They can be individually aligned as needed. Even in the garden, attractive light accents are often set with recessed luminaires in paths, by the pool or on the terrace.

Recessed luminaires use state-of-the-art technology

Thanks to state-of-the-art halogen and LED technology, the compact recessed luminaires have a high luminous efficacy. LED lamps are also particularly energy-efficient and impress with their extremely low power consumption. In addition, recessed luminaires with LED bulbs hardly develop heat radiation. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for use in suspended ceilings or other reach, where increased heat may affect fire safety. The installation of recessed lighting requires manual skill. Electrical wiring must be laid and the appropriate holes drilled for the luminaires. For a good result, it is advisable to consult a professional. The installation of light switches and the connection to the power grid may only be carried out by an electrician. At MyHammer, you'll find matching craft shops and service providers in no time.

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