Rebuilding a Farmhouse - Step by Step

Rebuilding a Farmhouse - Step by Step

Rebuilding a farmhouse requires a lot of skill. The important elements are to be obtained during conversion. Nevertheless, it should look modern and new.

1. Rebuilding a farmhouse requires detailed planning.

Rebuilding a farmhouse is laborious, but worth it. Modern farmhouses are trendy. Before renovating or renovating a farmhouse, careful planning is important. What exactly should be changed? Door arches, windows and the roof can be rebuilt similarly in most cases. Thus, the actual look of the farmhouse is preserved. If a stable or old outbuilding is available, it may be integrated into the living space.

2. The preparation for the conversion

After the planning begins the preparation time. The ailing building should be made usable and have the house on an effective insulation. A list of required materials is helpful. Always buy something more than you need. The unused rest is usually used by many specialist shops and DIY stores.

In addition to the renovation of the building, a new heating system is often necessary. Many works that are incurred in the conversion, can be done by laymen. However, the installation of the heating system belongs in the hands of experts, so an appointment with a specialist should be arranged early. There are numerous works for this purpose, such as sanding and painting the ceiling beams in stables and farmhouses, which can be carried out by the owner himself. Especially the bars in stables and farmhouses offer a possibility for individual refurbishment and leave room for your own ideas.

3. Historical History Must Be Preserved

An old farmhouse is being converted into a comfortable and cozy home with a distinctive ambience. The mixture of modernity, old beams and carvings make the conversion of a farmhouse interesting. In order not to change the actual appearance, few works are necessary and possible. Defective walls have to be plastered and new windows inserted. Replacing broken roof tiles makes the roof weatherproof.

If ceiling joists are present, they can be maintained and painted. If the beams have not been destroyed by pests in the many years, this will not happen in the following years. A matching front door and a modern interior make the conversion perfect. It does not matter if it's a stable or a farmhouse.

Much of the fabric needs to be preserved, so the history of the house is not lost. An advantage are large archways in which new large windows can be used. This brings a lot of light into the building and enhances it visually. A new gallery in the threshing floor looks beautiful on an existing beam section. A steel railing and glass balustrade fillings fit perfectly here. In general, the old wood can be spiced up well with precious metals and glass.

4. Special features when rebuilding a truss

If a house is a listed building, a preservation order is required. The interior structure is to receive. A permit must be obtained for all structural alterations, modernizations and repairs to cultural monuments and all ancillary facilities. If the refurbishment does not need a construction permit, the submission of the documents to the city in the Department of Monument Protection is sufficient. This will issue a corresponding authorization directly. In a framework, the washing, abrading and impregnation of the old beams is useful. Many houses have oak beams that can be worked well.

Old roof tiles are easy to replace. In hardware stores and specialty stores, there is a large selection of appropriate materials. An old half-timbered house does not provide sufficient insulation. Here, an inner shell is advantageous, which consists of reed plates. These panels are bolted from the inside to the outer wall or on the beams. An architect is the best person to contact for help needed.

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