View protection for the garden - opaque ideas

View protection for the garden - opaque ideas

If a garden protection is necessary, it often appears rigid and sterile. A natural shelter offers plenty of creative possibilities.

A privacy screen

Densely populated neighborhoods often leave the owners of a small garden with no choice - privacy is essential. If this is appropriate, it protects against prying eyes and ensures privacy. In the trade there are various elements that can be conjured up with a little skill and creative motivation, a sizable plant. It is important that the building fits into the overall design of the garden and does not spoil the environment as an ugly necessity.

The neighbors must not be excluded from planning. In order to avoid annoyance, unnecessary work and costs, it is advisable to match the height and location with the boundaries to neighboring properties. The best way to discuss the project with the nearest residents.

If the decision on a privacy from closed areas of Plexiglas, metal or wood, this is often rigid and sterile. With a natural barrier of hedges or bamboo, it is important to remember that size and shape change over time. And it may be that the system needs to be renewed or repaired. In addition, hedges sometimes have to be cut from the neighboring side.

A screen with a planting

A loose bamboo or special hedge protection screen grows densely and brings life to the garden. Plants are constantly changing and attracting small animals. Such natural ramparts are also friendly on gray days. Especially hedges from evergreen cherry laurel remain attractive in winter. When growing bamboo, this should be limited in growth, so it does not spread throughout the garden. It is advisable to use species that grow rapidly and have no proliferating root shoots.

A barrier made of metal or wood mesh fence is inexpensive and easy to install. Easy-care plants such as wild wine and hops like to cling to the climbing aids and quickly form the necessary growth density. These plants look nice even in autumn and winter, but they need a regular cut depending on the plant. Those who prefer little gardening will opt for the sturdy ivy.

For a privacy screen that is both an optical gem and an oasis of peace, it pays to build a pergola. This can be embellished with flowering climbing plants such as vetches, clematis, climbing hydrangea and roses. Such an installation makes romantic hearts beat faster.

Attractive protection without planting

Wicker pasture elements are effective yet inexpensive. These can be fixed or flexible. Especially in a small garden and for individual areas, the natural product is practical. If you bring palisades out of wooden boards, thick tree branches or beams, you need these cross braces for stability or be rammed into the garden floor. Untreated, such a protection over the years gets an interesting patina.

Colored screens made of plastic, wood or natural stones bring cheerfulness to garden design and can be quickly installed with a little skill. The colors are created by the materials either already purchased in color or glazed as desired.

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