Preparation Center Kitchen Sink

Preparation Center Kitchen Sink

Gone are the days when the sink was used for washing dishes alone. The cooking and rinsing center is developing into the central area in the kitchen.

Cooking is in, cooking is lifestyle and has long ceased to be food preparation. Well thought-out kitchen technology makes work a lot easier. It starts with the vegetable cleaning. The sink has risen from the simple sink to the preparation and rinsing center. Its equipment starts with the Profibrause goes via detergent dispenser and does not stop at special Dampfgar equipment.

Cutting boards expand the workplace

Alone with several basins, no matter whether the same or different size, the preparatory kitchen work like washing vegetables It's easier to clean and peel by hand than with a single sink. If you still have cutting and finishing boards fitted into the basin, you can quickly snip potatoes, carrots and Co. With the boards made of glass, wood or stainless steel, the working area can be widened cleverly and even completely cover the sink on some models - ideally straight in small kitchens.

More and more sink manufacturers also have various container systems ready, in which, as in the cooking studio, the individual ingredients can be prepared or prepared for steaming. Removable kitchen sieves, vegetable rinds, drip and leftover bowls offer even more comfort. Extra-deep basins facilitate the filling of large pots as well as the subsequent washing-up of these monsters or bulky baking trays.

Trend Material Ceramics

In addition to the timeless classic stainless steel, mineral materials such as granite and quartz composite are increasingly conquering the water points. Robust to stains, cuts and scratches, the basins come on the one hand practical, on the other they simply look good. As an absolute climber ceramics. The trendy fabric not only scores with a natural look, it is also scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and easy-care.

In the country kitchen, Oma's Spülstein experiences a comeback. Less dominant in appearance are ceramic built-in sinks. With porcelain stoneware and mineral materials, color comes into play. The sink and furniture fronts have long been harmonized tone-on-tone for a harmonious look. Strong colors such as turquoise, sun-yellow or coral-red are the ideal combi-partners for kitchens in wood or concrete look. But also countertops and sinks made of one piece can be easily realized thanks to the new color scheme.

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