Pool robot: Simply put in the pool and let it clean

Pool robot: Simply put in the pool and let it clean

Pool robots are popular. The helper in the pool has an intelligent technique that saves you from having to clean it by hand. Does the robot keep what it promises?

A clean and well maintained pool who would not want that? On hot summer days, an independent cleaning robot for the pool is a welcome help. More and more pool owners swear by this technique.

How an automatic pool robot works

An intelligent pool robot is programmable to the shape and size of the pool. Expensive models can even measure the dimensions and angulations of a pool independently. The cleaning takes place by chance or after programmed programming. The more skewed the pelvis is, the more sophisticated the robot's technology must be to capture all the corners.

Observing the device, it seems to be moving arbitrarily around the bottom and walls of the pool. This confusing way of working has a simple reason: The robot uses different directions to not only move dirt around, but also to reliably suck in and absorb the dirt.

An intelligent robot can effortlessly turn the pool walls through a technically ingenious drive of the wheels climb to cleanse them. However, in the area of ​​the skimmer and other installations must be cleaned by hand. Simpler models can only clean the floor.

Most pool robots use louvre brushes to pick up the dirt. Inside the robot there is an intelligent technology, which ensures a strong turbulence of the water in the filter basket. Due to this turbulence, the filter walls only rarely clog up, which is why cleaning is rarely necessary. From time to time you have to teach the container.

The use of the intelligent pool cleaner is easy

The robot works almost completely independently. Simply connect to the mains and put in the pool. Once the job is done and the pool is clean, take the robot out of the pool, the intelligent automatic will turn itself off.

Normally, cleaning takes about three and a half hours on an average sized pool. A microprocessor ensures the right choice of program when cleaning, tailored to the dirt on the pool floor and walls.

Purchase of a pool robot - useful or not?

Who pays for the purchase of a pool robot? From a medium sized pool in the garden, an automatic pool cleaner can take a lot of work off. So you can enjoy the time by the pool while the cleaning work is done independently.

The prices depend on the model and its equipment. A simple pool robot can be gotten from about 160 euros. Models with more complex technology cost from 1,000 euros upwards. The investment pays off in any case. Regular cleaning can save disinfectants, maintenance and working time.

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