Pool floor is not clean - what to do?

Pool floor is not clean - what to do?

If the water and the pool floor in the pool are not really clean, the bathing pleasure is clouded. Cleaning routine and bathing fun go together.

Maintaining your own pool in the garden takes some time. Properly done, however, the pool cleaning provides the basis for a carefree bathing season in your own garden. In addition to the water treatment and the regular operation of the filter system, the cleaning of the pool floor is also part of the care routine.

1. Soiling in the pool

Regular operation of the filter, whether cartridge filter or sand filter, will cause the circulation of pool water and the removal of surface dirt from the skimmer. The dirt trap of the skimmer must therefore be freed regularly from leaves, blades of grass and insects.

Occasionally it comes despite good care to algae especially in the floor area and on the pool walls. Different ways are available to clean the bottom of the pool.

2. Selection of devices - this is how it gets clean

For manual vacuum systems, a garden hose is attached to a cleaning brush with telescopic handle and safety net, this variant is almost exclusively suitable for smaller pools. The bottom brush, also equipped with a telescopic handle, is equipped with a pump hose and the skimmer, whereby the suction is regulated directly by the filter system.

Automatic pool cleaners automatically suck and filter the pool floor by slow movement move across the ground and remove debris and algae.

Decisive for the choice of equipment (manual or automatic) are pool size and existing budget. The performance of the filter system is also a selection criterion, so that the pool remains clean and the water does not have to be changed.

3. The costs at a glance

Manual pool suction with hose connection are the cheapest option for around 20 € often in a set with a landing net available. For the manual version with suction hose or pump connection is to be expected with prices between 40 and 100 euros. Most expensive beat automatic pool suckers to book. Here is the price range from 140 euros up to professional equipment, which can cost more than 1,000 euros.

4. The right time for pool floor cleaning

So that the residues can collect on the floor, the last bathing should be a few hours ago. It is best to clean the pool floor in the morning before use. Depending on the cleaning system (hose or filter connection), the connections to the garden hose or the pool filter must be fixed and the pool floor is slowly cleaned of dirt like with a broom or scrubber.

Depending on the size of the pool and the vacuum cleaner, it must be used

5. Chlorine addition not before cleaning

The regular administration of chlorine takes place after the floor cleaning, not before. After a shock chlorination, for example, to kill algae, additional soil cleaning may be necessary if the dead algae have fallen to the ground.

Without the proper care of the pool floor, the water will not stay clean. Various factors influence the choice of the right equipment. Manual cleaning is the cheapest, but time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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