Planting for the Terrace - the Best Ideas

Planting for the Terrace - the Best Ideas

A terrace only really shows through the planting. With the right choice of plants an oasis of well-being is created.

If you want to sit comfortably on the terrace, you need a sight and wind protection. With potted plants and hardy perennials is quickly remedied here. Whether shady or sunny, there are enough plants for a flower paradise to choose from.

Climbers as privacy screens

The black-eyed Susanne grows very fast and can grow up to two meters high. However, this plant is only one year old. Their flowers are mostly yellow or white, the leaves juicy green, heart-shaped or triangular. The winter knotweed is suitable for winter protection. The dense leaves, which glow bright yellow in autumn, provide privacy. In the months of July to October, the knotweed shows its white flowers. He loves a loose, nutrient-rich and moist soil.

Palm trees for the south side of the terrace

Pure holiday feeling on the terrace when planted with palm trees. The slow growing palm trees love the sun. Dryness and nocturnal cold do not disturb her. The gray-green color of the Gellepalme with the elegant growth is an absolute must on the terrace. If the terrace is a bit smaller, dwarf palms with their fan-shaped leaves are suitable. Place for wintering must be planned here.

Ferns for planting in the shade

Whether golden shed or peacock fern - all ferns thrive excellently on shady spots on the terrace. On humus rich, moist soil, they show their evergreen flowers until the winter. For ferns, a plantation with lilies, daffodils, elven flowers or silver candles is a perfect fit.

Planting perennials as splashes of color

The ironshoe is available in different shades of blue or white. On the terrace, this perennial is a real eye-catcher. The Marguerite is a perennial flowering shrub and is well suited for planting because it shows its flowers from May to September.

The Lily - Magnificent Bloom

Lilies are great as potted plants for the patio. With their numerous species in bright red or white they set accents. Planted in groups they look chic. The sweeping flowers spice up the terrace. These plants can grow to a height of 40 centimeters to two meters.

This is how it works with planting

It does not matter if it is potted or perennial plants, black-eyed Susanne or daisies, all plants need water. Expanded clay mixed under the soil causes the water to be stored and released only when the soil is dry. The plants should harmoniously fit into the rest of the colored patio decoration. If you need a special scent of summer when enjoying a glass of red wine in the evening, you will also be able to plant Mediterranean flowering plants such as. Sage or thyme.

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