Planting for the Front Garden on the North Side - Best List

Planting for the Front Garden on the North Side - Best List

A front garden on the north side of a house gets little sunlight. This is not a problem when planting, because many plants like shade.

Important for the front garden design

There is little sunlight on the north side of the house. In addition to shade, this also means a problem with moisture and heat. Rainwater can not evaporate because it lacks heat. It is useful to improve the permeability of the soil by sand, so that rainwater infiltrates faster.

It also offers a design with dark stones or bark mulch. A not too dense planting makes sense, as plants also shade the ground.

Planting with tall plants

A front garden is affected by height differences, so high plants should not be missing on the north side as well. Close to the house wall lilac or thuja do not throw any additional shadow on the bed. Robinia thrive in the front garden on the north side. Between the house and the tree a root fleece must penetrate into the soil, so that the roots do not damage the masonry.

Flowers for the front garden

Clematis, climbing roses and rhododendrons are not shadow plants. You will hardly bloom in a front yard on the north side. Astilbe, Skimmien, Tiarella, Funkien and all Fuchsiensorten love the shade. They thrive there magnificently and reward with rich flowering.

Hydrangeas are only suitable for a slightly sunnier place. A corner with morning or evening sun is enough for them to bloom.

A Zen garden on the north side

A shady front garden is excellently suited for creating a zen garden. The place is ideal for a small pond, because in the shade, the water remains clear, it hardly comes to algae growth. These are the best conditions for creating a garden in the Japanese style.

By the way: Many bamboo species thrive in the shade.

A garden of pots and pans

If you do not want to give up roses and other sun-loving plants, can pave a part of the front garden with interesting stones and put up there pots with flowering trunks. Roses and Lantana need sun to make flowers. They do not throw off the buds after moving. For a few weeks these plants also bloom in the shade.

Creating a Forest Garden

In the woods many interesting plants grow in the shade of the trees. Ferns, funerals and the porcelain flower are robust and grow in the deepest shade. Woodruff is also a beautiful green plant that suits the planting of a forest garden. Together with a thick layer of bark mulch and some thick knotty branches, the front garden on the north side becomes a real eye-catcher.

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