Planting Offshoot - Tips

Planting Offshoot - Tips

By planting properly and with a few tips, a new plant grows from an offshoot. Rearing is faster than by seed.

Plant propagation through cuttings

Numerous potted plants are suitable for vegetative propagation through cuttings. At the corresponding plant the hobby gardener cuts off the well-developed shoot tip. For planting a length of ten centimeters is necessary.

The best time to propagate offspring

Spring is the best time to separate an offshoot from the mother plant. By summer, the plants grow up well. Then they get their place in the garden or in a pot on the balcony.

Select only strong plants

An offshoot is a hundred percent clone of the parent plant. Therefore, it is important that a healthy strong plant is selected. Only shoots capable of planting two to three leaves are suitable for planting.

Cutting off offshoots

Tips for cutting off shoots: Be sure to use a sharp knife. It should be disinfected. Is cut as close as possible to the main shoot of the mother plant. This must not be violated!

Important - the correct planting

For the cultivation of offshoots a special cultivation soil is necessary. This has the appropriate raw materials and ensures a healthy growth of the plant. If the offshoot is stuck a few centimeters deep into the ground and pressed firmly, it grows up fast.

Noteworthy tips for casting

Offshoots need a lot of water, but no waterlogging. Direct sunshine they do not tolerate. Until they have formed roots, a place with medium light conditions is just right.

Rearing the Offshoots

In a tinted container made of glass, offshoots are rapidly rooted. In this greenhouse atmosphere, the cultivation soil remains moist for a long time. By repeatedly repotting into larger pots develop strong roots and strong plants.

strawberries quickly and cheaply propagate

strawberries are very fast offshoots and can therefore easily multiply. For a healthy growth, the hobby gardener takes only the first one or two shoots. At ground contact, the offshoots root all by itself. A planting or potting is spared.

Balcony plants multiply - so it works

From geraniums, fuchsias and hard-working Lieschen can be good offspring pull. These tips are particularly fast: The offshoot or cutting comes in the flower pot. At the edge of the planter the hobby gardener puts small sticks around the offshoot. With a transparent foil over the mini greenhouse is finished. On warm days, airing is good for the offspring.

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