Wooden garages plan: how are they built?

Wooden garages plan: how are they built?

To build a wooden garage is useful when a concrete garage obstructs the impression of a house or when a shelter for the car and garden tools is needed quickly and inexpensively.

Building regulations for a wooden garage

Many Hobby craftsmen forget that also when building a carport or a wooden garage building regulations are to be considered. Although such structures may be erected in many places without their own planning permission, but this does not preclude compliance with heights, distances and limits. Therefore, it makes sense to obtain a current ordinance for the construction of closed or open parking lots from the responsible building authority or to obtain information. Also, the question of whether a planning application is required, should be clarified in the course of the search. Whether the garage is a building subject to a permit is decided by the enclosed space. Building codes can sometimes be extremely tricky. An open carport is usually not considered a building. Therefore, the distances to other properties are of little importance in its construction. But if the pitch for a van or a motorhome is built, then a space is created. In this case, the regulations of the Building Regulations apply to buildings.

Building a Carport: Checklist

The questions of building regulations and permits can only be clarified if there is a plan to build a wooden garage.

  • The size of the parking space: Is the footprint large enough for a wooden garage?
  • Subsoil: What is the building ground?
  • If foundations are required or sufficient, wooden foundation beams are required ? Do they need to be anchored?
  • Should a gravel bed be created for the pitch?
  • Which timbers are suitable for construction?
  • Who can cut and deliver the required timber?
  • Does a kit qualify as a solution?
  • What tools are needed for construction?
  • Are at least two skilled helpers ready to assist in the construction project?

If you want to build a wooden garage, you will need a plan showing all the necessary parts and a carpenter or Architects checking this plan for accuracy. Due to the elaboration, the carpenter can create bills of material and thus determine the costs for the material. He can also create a calculation that includes working time and delivery costs. The following information should arise from the above points:

  • Blueprint
  • Bills of Material
  • Calculation
  • Building application / license

In such a project, there is a lot of planning, time and energy behind it. A whole range of carpentry companies have recognized this and offer wooden garages as a kit or turnkey construction. This solution is suitable for future garage owners looking for a practical solution. Here it is sufficient to make the dimensions of the pitch and information on the ground in the carpentry and get an offer. Upon request, the garage will be delivered on site and built by skilled craftsmen. Those who can deliver the individual parts exclusively and build themselves, should first determine which tool is required. Some wooden parts can only be cut on site for practical reasons. If you do not have a saw or drill, you can do so at the expense of the builder, while craftsmen can bring their tools with them. From a technical point of view, everything should be clarified in a private building.

Conclusion: Which wooden garage is suitable for you?

There are several ways to build your own wooden garage. An individually planned variant is also possible, as a kit or a turnkey garage from a carpenter. Before you start working, you should have all the information you need to set up the building. This includes a plan, bills of material, a calculation and a permit. If these conditions are met, a carpenter or a construction company can be commissioned. If you have already determined the dimensions for your wooden garage, it is not a problem to find a suitable supplier to handle your garage construction.

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