Panel Blinds for Large Area Fronts

Panel Blinds for Large Area Fronts

Panel Blinds are the perfect way to have wide window fronts from direct sunlight or to to protect prying eyes.

Especially in modern architecture, great value is placed on openness and light-flooded rooms. The windows are usually laid out generously, so that the desired spacious impression is awakened and the view is released into the nature. Large glass surfaces also mean plenty of sunlight, which can heat up the interior very much and plenty of opportunity for neighbors and passers-by to catch a curious look inside. Panel curtains are perfect for wide window fronts. Panel curtains protect your privacy and at the same time act as sun protection.

Individually applicable and easy to use - Panel curtains

Panel curtains are extremely practical to handle and very functional in use. Using 3, 4 or 5 rails, the individual elements can be moved easily as required, independently of each other. This means you do not have to darken the entire room, but you can push an element of your panel curtain just in front of the blinding sun. Your room remains flooded with light and friendly - the TV, for example - is, thanks to panel curtain in the shade, the picture is impeccable. Another advantage of panel curtains: Your creativity knows no bounds. So numerous the choice of fabrics, as varied as the various decorations of panel curtains. Different patterns and colors can be individually combined, as each element can be selected independently of the other. If you decide against the pattern or color one day, you do not have to renew the entire curtain system, just the individual fabric surfaces.

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