Painting two-tone façade - Noteworthy

Painting two-tone façade - Noteworthy

A two-tone coat of the facade gives a house a personal touch. But before owners take to the brush, they should pay a lot of attention.

A two-tone facade is not allowed anywhere

Homeowners are often surprised that you can not design the exterior of the house to your liking. After all, state building regulations do not dictate what a house should look like.

The municipalities have the right to determine in their statutes the design of the houses. In some places, there are rules about the color of facades, roofs, doors and window frames. A look at the statutes of the place or a request at the municipal office provides information about what is allowed.

The statutes generally stipulate that the community may prohibit local unusual things. If there is no house with a two-tone façade design in place, the community can prohibit them. If no one complains, there is usually no problem.

Exterior Painting

If the plaster is sound and the house is not too high, do-it-yourselfers can paint their own house. For painting a house with more than one and a half floors scaffolding is useful. Its structure belongs in the hands of a specialist company.

If you are not sure whether the plaster is still in order or not familiar with the material, you should at least get advice from a specialist. The paint must be chemically and technically compatible with the plaster and masonry.

A diffusion-permeable wall with a suitable plaster should never be painted with a sealing wall paint. For example, synthetic resin paint on loam plaster is a mistake because the paint cancels out the positive properties of the plaster.

What to look for in multicolor paintings

The two colors must be chemically matched, they should be based on the same raw materials. For this reason, a painter does not like to paint on an old paint, the composition of which he does not know.

The painting is done in two stages: First, the facade paint is applied in the basic tone. After drying, it's time to put some accents on the second color.

To make the edges look clean and tidy, craftsmen glue them to painters crepe. Important: The tape should be removed immediately after painting the second color. It rips out scraps of the second color when it is already dry.

Cost of special design

A single-family home has an average area of ​​200 square meters to be painted. This is to be cleaned, primed and painted twice in the base color.

High-quality paint costs between ten and twelve euros per liter. This amount is sufficient for one to three square meters depending on the ground. For a house of this size is required for 700 to 2,400 euros paint. Who wants to use a second color, needs for 100 to 200 euros additional color.

For a scaffold is to be expected with 2,000 euros for the construction and dismantling and 80 euros per day. The paint in one color takes about four days. For the second color, there are four more days to be planned because the drying and masking of the surfaces is time-consuming.

A specialist company requires between 25 and 40 euros per square meter to paint in one color, including the material and the framework. Because of the large amount of work involved, the second color makes painting more expensive by five to ten euros per square meter.

If you paint your facade yourself, you will usually work with the paint roller. Specialist shops inject the paint, the order is more even than by rolling.

landlords who do all the work themselves and rent a scaffold, have to expect between 4,400 to 6,000 euros (22 to 30 euros per square meter). The expert requires between 6,000 and 10,000 euros. With a paint, it is about 500 euros cheaper for the home improvement. For a person skilled in the art, a monochrome coating is approximately 1,500 euros cheaper than the two-color design.

Conclusion: The costs for a two-tone façade are only insignificantly higher than those for a single-color coating. The house gains in individuality due to the unusual design.

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