Painting concrete cover - Tips for direct application of paint

Painting concrete cover - Tips for direct application of paint

Covering a concrete floor is time consuming and time-consuming. The right tips save time and effort.

1. Tips for rapid preparation - masking and masking

If it is necessary to paint the concrete ceiling in a room, this project requires some preparation. From above drops down excess paint. This endangers flooring, furniture, windows, doors, and radiators even more than wall paint.

Furniture should not be in the room. Floor surfaces protect a full-coverage painter fleece or a film from splashes of paint. Likewise, you impose the walls with foil. Only if they also get a coat of paint in the course of the ceiling, that is not necessary. Window and door frame covered wide insulating tape. The same applies to radiators and other fixed installations.

2. Preparation in the bodyshell - the order makes it

For the concrete slabs of a bodyshell, the correct order of work saves covering and masking. There is nothing to protect against color when you first treat the ceilings in each room. Walls will receive a painting later. Likewise, the realization of window and door structures, installations and floor space will follow later.

3. Wallpapering the concrete surface

Applying color to a bare concrete floor is almost unrealizable. A repeated sanding cycle with a machine can tear the surface to make it more receptive. A single coat of paint is not enough for the coverage because of the dark background of concrete but not even then. In addition, the tedious roughening of the blankets by means of a sanding machine involves a great deal of effort.

Some tips may be helpful in painting concrete surfaces with minimal effort. For example, you can wallpaper the surfaces beforehand. It is not recommended to use a spatula as a wallpaper substitute because tissue must be applied when filling. In addition, the roughening of the fillers before the application of paint necessary. The workload of this method is therefore more time-consuming compared to wallpapering.

4. Smooth appearance despite wallpaper

Unfortunately, wallpapered ceilings look less visually smooth than filled surfaces. This can be counteracted with a few tips. For a smoother impression ensures, for example, the abandonment of Raufasertapeten. Instead, the processing of a fiberglass wallpaper in question. In this way, the concrete floors look almost as smooth as they are filled after the right coat of paint. However, the workload remains minimal as a result of the wallpapering decision.

5. Tiefgrund als Saugstopp

Glasfasertapezierte surfaces can be deleted without further preparation. Due to the absorbent properties of wallpaper, the application of Tiefgrund as an intermediate step can make sense. Apart from its effect as a suction stopper this primer facilitates the removal of the wallpaper in the future. For example, this could be necessary for a refurbishment.

6. Primer with emulsion paint

The primer with emulsion paint in the desired color is suitable as the base primer. This has a time-saving effect and supports the cover effect of the follow-on painting. Overhead priming works in both cases. Buying an airless device is one of the most effective tips in this respect. These systems spray the primer from the ground, saving overhead work.

7. Painting concrete pavement - Relief through paint and airless equipment

When the primer is completely dry, paint is applied to the ceiling surface. Emulsion paints do not cover single-use. On the other hand, lacquer paints based on acrylics often provide a covering effect even on the first coat of paint. It is true that paints are more expensive to purchase than dispersions. The time and labor savings through opaque initial order pays off, however.

Like the primer, airless devices also facilitate this step. The concrete floors are sprayed with the guns from the ground. This is fast and less strenuous. The prerequisite is that the cover work from the first step has been conscientiously implemented.

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