Overcome the inner bastard with the ten-minute rule

Overcome the inner bastard with the ten-minute rule

House cleaning is lacking in motivation? With the ten-minute rule, the beginning is easier and unpopular work is done faster than expected.

Who does not know: Unpleasant everyday tasks like cleaning the bathroom cabinet, cleaning up a medicine cabinet or cleaning windows are often put off. It's hard to get started with these tasks, to tackle them. The inner bastard is often too large.

The so-called "slippery" disease even has a scientific name: procrastination. Not a few people like to put off unpleasant things again and again. Simple tricks from the Psychokiste, on the other hand, help.

Starting Tasks and Limiting Activity Creates Motivation

Sometimes unpopular works seem like a mountain that you can not climb. Then it helps to divide the work into smaller stages. Do not clean all the windows at once or just sort one compartment of the medicine cabinet and so on. This helps to start with the task and is the first step made, everything does not feel so bad anymore.

It's good to define a start and an end point for the execution so that you always have a positive experience Eyes.

Ten Minute Rule - Small Stages Take the Line

With a simple psychotrick from the category of time management, unpleasant tasks can even be tackled more easily: the so-called ten-minute rule helps to make it uncomfortable

The Ten-Minute Rule is exactly what its name implies: Start things in a specific time frame and set the end time (ten minutes) before the activity begins. It is a time management method that divides all activities and tasks of everyday life into small work steps and thus makes them easier. The promise to be able to stop after ten minutes is very motivating.

To pretend to sort the medicine chest for ten minutes or to settle for the tax return or to start the house cleaning is for people who suffer from the typical Aufschieberitis , A good approach. The trick is that the ten-minute period does not seem long and encourages you to tackle the huge task.

After the ten minutes, it will rarely be the case that the work is interrupted. Then you are so far in the topic inside, that you automatically continue and so surprisingly fast to the finish. Try it out.

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