Outlook XXL: Opulent windows in the trend

Outlook XXL: Opulent windows in the trend

No question, panoramic windows provide light and air in the room. But builders should keep in mind when deciding to install.

With a panoramic window, the "outside" becomes part of the decor. In other words, if the whole wall provides a view, it depends on what you see there. The so-called unobstructable view is indispensable. A great window with a view of a lake or a mountain panaroma enhances every room.

An elegant solution, if the terrace or the garden is behind the panorama window, are folding sliding constructions that not only offer plenty of sun, but also plenty of air let into the house. Thus, the living room becomes part of the garden.

Possibilities for a free view outside

In such windows, the casement windows are folded to open. They are technically sophisticated and combine the advantages of sliding and tilt-and-turn windows because the glass panes almost completely disappear in the system without wasting space.

There are various systems and functions. An all-opening front with no sash or post in between, to be folded together in a concertina shape, can be seen in window fronts of up to four meters. On the other side, there are systems consisting of three or four-leaf elements

Carefully choose large window fronts

Before building large panoramic windows or folding systems, builders should inquire about building codes and building boundaries , Perhaps in a few years, a supermarket will stand between the view and the window or only the garden of a neighbor can be seen.

Structurally, the aspects of thermal insulation, stability and safety have to be considered. For this reason, the construction and the planning are in the hands of an experienced company. Ultimately, the frame of the window must provide the load-bearing capacity of the wall and carry the heavy glass.

Heat loss can be avoided

Thermal insulation is no longer a problem in today's world. However, the landlord should not save on the insulation. Windows with a U-value of 1.3 or less are permitted. If you want to replace a whole wall with glass, you should use expensive triple glass with krypton filling, which has a U value of less than 1.

For large glass surfaces, the G value is also important. While the U-value indicates how much energy comes out through the window, the energy transmittance (G-value) indicates how much solar energy enters the house through the window. Prescribed is that no more than 60 percent may penetrate the glass. With a window to the south, it makes sense to use a solar control glass, which provides for a smaller passage.

In this point, a detailed consultation is important, because a high passage means that the sun in the winter contributes to warming the room. This is positive. However, low G values ​​in summer are beneficial to prevent unnecessary warming up of the room. Of course, there is the option of shading the window over shutters, but unfortunately these also affect the outside view.

When choosing the window, think of safety

Glass fronts that reach down to the floor must be made of laminated glass. This prevents sharp chips from forming when someone falls into the glass. At higher altitudes, fall protection must be guaranteed. Even if someone hits the target with great force, he can not penetrate it.

It makes sense, even on the ground floor or if the window leads to a balcony to use such safety glass. It prevents burglars from entering the house. Of course, all windows that open, must be provided with locks. An alarm system is also recommended.

By the way, windows that reach down to the ground make many people uncomfortable. You have the impression to crash. For this reason, the glass should be opaque at the bottom. It may also be necessary to make arrangements for birds to recognize the windows and not fly against them.

Enhance Home Comfort

High brightness and good views do not automatically mean that people feel comfortable in the house. In general, the possibility of shading and the ventilation of the room should be considered. At first, the problems with ventilation do not light up when the window can be opened wide.

Large windows are usually not easy to open, as a complicated mechanism for opening them is necessary. The opening is only worthwhile, if for a long time air in the room should. In the rain or in the cold ventilation over the large opening is not useful anyway. No one likes to have wetness and icy air in their rooms. A good automatic ventilation system with heat recovery is therefore indispensable to panoramic windows.

For the shading automatically controlled blinds offer. Curtains or curtains, on the other hand, should only be used as decoration. The function of protecting the room from view is usually less sought after. A panoramic window is useful where a good view is possible. This almost always eliminates the possibility of looking outside the window outside. It would also be a pity to make the window disappear behind classic window clothes.

Picture windows can be a big win for a room. But only if the prospect is long-term and well-planned for heat loss, solar radiation and ventilation.