Out with the winter muff: Making space for the spring fashion

Out with the winter muff: Making space for the spring fashion

The new spring fashion is already on sale shortly after New Year's Eve. Uncluttering the wardrobe with a system creates order and space.

Already in January, the shops are offering the first spring collections that want to sell the gray of winter with their fresh colors. Who wants to strike now, should first sift through the content of his wardrobe and clear out. Systematic procedure makes clearing easier.

Spring cleaning in the wardrobe

Emptying the cabinet is a good opportunity to thoroughly clean it from the inside at the same time. To do this, empty compartments and floors completely and wipe them with a damp cloth. Care: If you just rip all your clothes out of the closet and throw them in a pile, you can not really get an overview. Therefore, inspect every item of clothing and even try it on - even if it costs time.

Already during the removal, those items of clothing that are not supposed to go back into the closet are put on a separate stack.

Away with the winter clothes

Who can use an additional wardrobe for seasonal clothing, moves quickly with the rearranging. Washing or cleaning worn clothing is mandatory before storing. Otherwise there is a risk of moth feeding. Since the animals in particular on woolen textiles do amicably, especially sweaters are at risk.

Clothing that was not worn during the winter, even in lack of space not immediately dispose of, but subject to an extra test. Why was it that the clothes were not needed? Was it too warm or was the skiing holiday going? Ventilate these clothes sufficiently and store them for the next winter.

Some clothes stayed in the closet during the winter season because they did not fit or did not fit. They come now on an extra stack. Tip: Temporarily remove everything that does not like anymore from the room. This provides a better overview.

Clothes needed for the next winter migrate to the store or into the laundry bag. Pieces that come back into the bedroom closet store as far up / behind. Therefore, plan and keep this storage space until the end of the clearance campaign.

Make room for new things

Next up is the spring and summer clothing and perhaps the most beautiful and difficult part of the action. First and foremost is the question: What will I no longer carry in the coming season? Remove these pieces from view and bring them to the next room.

After that, try on and decide. Favorite pieces and basics come back to the cupboard. What is no longer sitting, is sorted out, so that in the next room.

And then there are probably those garments with the attribute "I would like to wear, if I had XY to do it." Write down the missing items immediately on a wish list. This helps the memory during the spring shopping on the jumps.

The optimal order does not exist

Everything that is not or rarely needed in the coming season, is in the cabinet up or back. Basics and favorite pieces are always at hand.

When tidying up and trying on newly discovered or proven combinations (for example a particular scarf to a jacket) hang together. This is the way to remember it later or test it for everyday use.

Some people sort their clothes according to color. Others, on the other hand, prefer dress to dress, pants to trousers and so on. Therefore, there is no such thing as an optimal order for granting each other.

Check the sorted clothes again

Finally, look through the stack in the next room thoroughly and sort it. Some things may still be on sale or serve as a donation to a charitable institution. First check and wash every garment for damage. Worn or worn clothing should be disposed of.

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