"Bio" Colors and Color Marks

Even less than 30 years ago, wall and wood paints used in the home were often the cause of damage to health. Now, paint shops also offer indoor and outdoor paint in "organic" form.

These are made exclusively from natural materials such as lime, clay, wood, quartz and various oils. Therefore, the smell of their application is much more pleasant than with conventional paints - and the released gases are not harmful to health.
The experts agree that the quality does not lag behind that of conventional colors. However, bioproducts from the paint shelf are a bit more expensive than conventional products, as the production, which has so far been more expensive, is driving up costs.

Color bars provide an overview in the color jungle

Color seals are said to be particularly beneficial for the environment and health be highlighted. A well-known example of a color seal used in Germany is z. For example, the blue angel, which was developed around 30 years ago on the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and the Environment to strengthen environmental protection and health promotion.

In particular wall paints that emit only low emissions, few solvents or hardly formaldehyde and almost no plasticizers or Preservatives are marked with this color seal. In this way, the consumer is made aware that working with these paints does not present any major health risks.
Legislative Decrees
A variety of products, if used improperly, can cause harm to health despite legal regulations governing paints and varnishes , Since 2004, the EU has been subject to the chemicals ordinances, including provisions on areas of application, prohibitions, definitions, designations or misdemeanors.

The hazard symbols are printed on the label in at least two different official languages ​​and contain references to:

  • Hazard symbol
  • Product designation
  • Filling quantity
  • Information for special hazards
  • Information for safe use
  • Hazard identification
  • Contents of hazardous substances and
  • the responsible company

The abbreviation "S "For safety advice and the" R "for hazard warnings.