Optimum safety guaranteed: Optimal illumination of garage, carport, driveways and garden paths

Optimum safety guaranteed: Optimal illumination of garage, carport, driveways and garden paths

Outdoor lighting gives a nice atmosphere. The most important aspect, however, is the safety of the outdoor area in the dark.

Noteworthy in the lighting concept for paths and garage

When selecting the lighting concept for outdoor use, there are several aspects to consider: The right design is as important as the purpose which the luminaire should meet. This ranges from security aspects to creative means.

Before attaching the individual lamps, it makes sense to walk the grounds with a flashlight. In this way, it is possible to identify places where a light source is particularly useful.

If the lighting is purely for the optical purpose, deliberately placed lights are better than a brightly illuminated area. To illuminate a driveway and paths a bright light is suitable. Luminous stones at the edge of the road and glare-free spotlights are used to mark the path.

Important when choosing a lamp is that the model is approved for outdoor use. It has to withstand the various weather conditions. An IP44 degree of protection indicates that the lamps are protected against foreign bodies and water. The higher the IP value, the better the protection.

Selection of suitable lamps for the various outdoor areas

Depending on the location of use, there are different illuminants and control gear. For a lighting along a path or on the terrace solar lamps are well suited. These give off a warm, atmospheric light. Solar lamps are less suitable for illuminating dark areas.

Low-voltage halogen lamps are the right choice to highlight certain areas of the garden. The lights have a 12 volt connection and are attached via a spike in the garden. Compact fluorescent lamps are suitable as innovative and energy-saving home-lighting.

Functional lighting is used to illuminate poorly visible corners. They are suitable for garages or dark corners of the home. Often, these luminaires are equipped with a 230 volt connection in combination with a motion detector.

Ideal concepts for outdoor lighting are ideal. This includes the use of a twilight switch. This switches the lighting on and off automatically. The sensor that controls the system is individually adjustable.

In the garage area, attaching lights is mainly for safety. Ideal are models with integrated motion sensor. Particularly safe are models in which, in addition to the exterior of the garage when opening the gate, and the interior lighting automatically turns on.

In carports are suitable downlights attached to the ceiling to brighten the interior. The ceiling-mounted light source radiates towards the ground creating a bright cone of light.

Parking cars in the driveway, pole lights are a good choice. The increased light source illuminates the road well despite the obstacle. In addition to the path lighting, wall lights with motion detectors on the garage are also used for optimum illumination and safety.

Costs and notes for installation

When building a new house, it is advisable to integrate the exterior lighting into the planning phase. This can reduce the costs of laying cable ducts and ducts.

The important thing during installation is the safe routing of cables and sockets. For lights in the garden, these are safe to install at a depth of 60 centimeters.

The prices for the different lights vary depending on the model. A simple solar lamp with earth spike is available for less than ten euros. Complete lighting systems for the garage start at 80 euros and, depending on the equipment, extend into the higher three-digit range.

In addition to the cost of purchase, current electricity costs are charged. Energy-saving lamps such as LED lamps reduce the power consumption and thus the costs for the electricity.

The purpose of the application determines the type of lighting

For the various purposes there is the right model for every taste. Important for outdoor lighting is that they are approved. For lights in the area of ​​garages and carports, the main focus is on the safety aspect.