Open Sesame: Automated Gate Systems for More Comfort and Safety

Open Sesame: Automated Gate Systems for More Comfort and Safety

Automatic door systems offer many advantages as well as comfort and safety. They can be found at garages, driveways and in the industry.

Automatic door drives - luxury for yard and garage

No more getting out of the car in pouring rain to open the garage or the driveway. The luxury of opening the gate conveniently via remote control is being treated more and more by homeowners. The increased safety is another important aspect.

The combination of gate and drive offers different possibilities. Decisive in the selection are the goal size, the goal weight and the ease of the opening mechanism. Old systems can usually be retrofitted. A specialist will find the ideal solution for the suitable door system.

Automatic door drives offer increased protection against burglary. They are harder to open than manual models. Many garage doors have a slide-on safety catch that snaps into the guide rail. Another safety aspect is that the driver does not have to leave the car in the dark to open the garage.

All doors must comply with the relevant DIN standards. These indicate that an emergency release or a second outlet must be present. If there is an obstacle in the running area, the gate must stop automatically. In addition, there is a duty of a separation device, which separates the gate and live lines.

Not only at the gates there are different models, also the control of the drives is different. Control elements via a cable tie such as transponder or push button are just as possible as a radio control via a remote control. Another variant is the optical sensor of a light barrier.

Overview of different gate systems

Automated gate systems are most frequently found in garages. The sectional door is a popular variant. The door is pulled vertically when opening under the ceiling. This saves space in front of the garage.

A sub-variant forms the side sectional door which, when opened, runs along the inner wall of the garage. As a result, the ceiling is fully usable. The operation allows a piece-wide door opening, for example, to get a bike out of the garage. This saves waiting time until the complete gate is open.

Up-and-over doors are another variant. An electric drive pulls the one-piece door under the ceiling. This movement will require sufficient space in front of the garage.

In addition to garages, automated gates are popular in land enclosures. Large swing gates give a noble character. Companies often secure the site with sliding gates in metal fence technology or in aluminum. High-speed doors as a folding door enable fast transit times and require little space.

In the case of a lift gate, the opening and closing function due to a motorized vertical movement. Gates of this type are often used in industrial buildings. They are versatile, space-saving and robust.

Another door variant is the rolling grille. This is popular with underground garages. By operating a transmitter or a button, the grid is pulled upwards. The grids are easy to clean and designed for frequent opening and closing.

The costs vary per size and features

Standardized opening systems including the matching handheld transmitters are available from around 120 euros. High-priced variants with extras such as a light barrier or controlled access restriction start at around 400 euros.

Add to this the price for the garage door: a sectional door is around 700 euros.

For large door systems, the equipment, size and function are decisive for the price. The prices start in the middle four-digit range.

The right model for every purpose

Regardless of the purpose for which an automated gate system is required, there are numerous possibilities for a wide variety of applications. These range from a conventional garage door to a custom-made to secure the property.

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