Old love does not rust, metal already

Old love does not rust, metal already

In the spring, the time of postponement is over. Even the metal railings, fences or garden furniture must now be freed from rust.

Most of these will be familiar from chemistry lessons: When water and oxygen strike metal, rust can develop over time. Depending on how far this process has progressed and how deep it is, no light remedy such as phosphoric acid will help anymore. Then harder bandages have to be raised.

Remove rust: brushing and sanding

The bad news in advance: Just painting over is not enough. Because, if the rust is not removed expertly, it eats later with the same obstinacy into the metal. In the best case, then the whole game starts from scratch, in the worst are the beloved garden chairs over.
So there is only one option. Pick up a wire brush and scrub off the rust. For sensitive areas, however, it should be one made of brass. And of course, the whole venture costs time and energy. More efficient are rotary grinding tools with an abrasive attachment or single-handed angle grinder. Sandpaper is suitable for fine work.
However, the work is not without its dangers, because the fine dust easily gets into the respiratory tract. Protective clothing such as mask and gloves are therefore highly recommended. Without your own work is not so? But! Metalworking professionals have sandblasters that allow them to easily handle the affected piece.

Rust off 'paint' up

After sanding, curb activity and clean the surfaces thoroughly. Either with water or metal cleaner. Putty helps against small holes. Then thoroughly dry.
Before the metal gets its new skin, it must be primed and primed. Alternatively, you can choose from metal protection products that offer rust protection, primer and topcoat in one. However, you have to take the trouble and apply it twice. And to whom the work with the brush is too laborious. picks up a secret weapon: With the paint gun, the paint can shoot at the metal object. It knows no corners or angles and ensures a uniform coating.

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