Old door replaced by new

Old door replaced by new

The front door connects the outside world and the home. It is always in use and exposed to the weather and wears itself down after years. Their condition is very important for the defense against cold and heat. That's why it's worthwhile to replace the old one with a new one. "At Hartmut G.'s in Berlin-Köpenick the entrance door had suffered greatly under the influence of the weather: paint peeled off, there were cracks everywhere, through which the air was free could circulate. He wanted to put an end to it. "He decided to entrust this task to the ISOTEC company. The doors were dismantled and the old door opened, and a new gray door was added to better weather conditions Hartmut G .: "I have rarely experienced such excellent advice." The contact was - due to the fact that I do not use the housing unit - exclusively via e-mail and telephone And you need 8 stars from me. "

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