Old Building: Modernizing and Retaining the Charm

Old Building: Modernizing and Retaining the Charm

An old building conveys a charming flair - But how does a client deal with the existing renovation and renovation measures?

Old building owners often cause concern that renovations or the modernization of their old buildings make them a bottomless pit. This fear is unfounded. On the contrary, the investment pays off in cash.

The prerequisite is that the client thinks through the individual measures well. Blind renovation without first knowing the abuses becomes expensive - and is unnecessary.

Where are the shortcomings of the old building?

Depending on the age of the object certain defects are more likely. This is less due to the age of the property, but to the construction method, as people have usually built in the decade in question.

The architects of the old buildings had no idea of ​​the later oil crisis. The construction of these houses rarely meets the energy standards. Insulation of facades and basement ceilings is usually just as sparse as an insulation of water pipes and shutter boxes. Due to obsolete radiators and simple window glazing, buildings need to be refurbished for energy.

There is a need for action, because they can not match today's energy standards. The landlord or an expert should know the peculiarities of the old building objects in different construction times. In this way, he can better assess the necessary renovation work for the house and postpone less urgent work.

Better energy values ​​through proper insulation

The cost-saving factor for heating in winter offers the greatest savings potential. Many homeowners quickly realize that a lot of money can be saved with solid insulation.

The windows can be quickly modernized. The single glazed windows from the middle of the last century are energy eaters and the difference to today's windows is immense. This is reflected in the heating costs.

As a positive side effect, dams improve the living climate. CO2 emissions are reduced. The risk of mold formation is reduced in insulated buildings.

External insulation on the facade produces the best result, saving up to one third on heating costs. If this is not possible due to monument protection requirements, you can insulate yourself from the inside. Just a few centimeters thick layer prevents cold walls and drafts. At a cost of about 50 euros per square meter, a good seal is achieved.

A hobbyist can install the interior insulation himself. He mainly requires insulation boards and plaster as well as the usual tools from the craft cellar. Otherwise, the drywall helps.

Even with the variant self-built, the client should not waive the advice of a professional. Expert advice in advance saves money and avoids mistakes. An expert also clarifies any legal regulations and obligations for insulation.

Replacing the heating system is usually an advantage

Around a quarter of all boilers in Germany are outdated and need to be replaced. There is a guideline and the chimney sweep ensures compliance with the regulations during its annual visit.

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) also regulates the insulation of water and heating pipes. The chimney sweep checks this and gives practical tips. After a heating check, he quickly knows where the most potential savings are, how much this is and what measures can be taken.

Any maladministration can be remedied by small means, such as the correct setting of thermostats or regular venting of radiators , The biggest improvements come from the renovation or replacement of the existing plant.

New boilers, buffer tanks or retrofitted solar collectors are initially a decent expense item, but in the long run it pays off.

The property gains in value by carrying out the necessary renovations and renovations. This also applies to additional maintenance or remodeling. Anyone who is oriented to new buildings, for example, can consider the subsequent installation of a ventilation system. This is particularly useful if subsidy programs can be used.

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