Office Cleaning: MyHammer Provides Qualified Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning: MyHammer Provides Qualified Cleaning Services

Whether an office cleaning should be carried out during or outside normal business hours certainly depends on the individual nature of the business. Professional cleaning services offer flexible working hours so that the customer's business operations are never disturbed.

Before an office cleaning contract can be awarded, the nature and extent of the cleaning work to be performed must be determined. The calculation criteria for a meaningful offer are various factors. First, the base area of ​​the rooms to be cleaned must be determined. Also, the type of flooring can be crucial in pricing. It should also be considered whether furniture such as desks and the like should be cleaned or excluded from office cleaning. Full and professional cleaning also includes sanitary and recreation rooms and possibly windows, window frames and window sills. According to this information, a professional cleaner can estimate how much time and staffing will be spent on this office cleaning.

Office Cleaning: Welcome Support

Anyone who regularly cleans his business, office or office premises by professional cleaning of the building, can be sure to receive customer or client visits at any time. In doing so, it is important for qualified office cleaning to use biodegradable cleaning agents. If the premises are equipped with particularly high-quality and care-intensive furniture, the building cleaner should be given a corresponding cleaning and care instruction. This ensures that everything is not only optically pure, but also maintains value. Special orders such as the regular care of green plants or extraordinary additional work such as the cleaning of ceilings or wall coverings should be ordered separately. In principle, fixed prices can be agreed for regular office cleaning. However, if it is difficult to estimate the cost of cleaning, it may happen that the cleaning of the building initially settles after hours worked.

The Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning

Anyone hiring their own staff for office cleaning does not just have to pay their salary also bear the non-wage labor costs. In addition, additional costs for replacement staff, if the cleaner has vacation or ill. The commissioning of a building cleaning company eliminates these additional costs. In this case, the contractor is responsible for ensuring that the office cleaning is carried out to the agreed extent and at the specified times. If an employee falls ill with the building cleaning company, replacement must be provided so that the work can be done on time and properly by the customer.

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