Off to the bunk! Sleep Well in the Guest Bed

Off to the bunk! Sleep Well in the Guest Bed

How to bed, so you lie: A good host should always a comfortable Overnight accommodation available.

Outside, an icy blizzard rages and the way home seems too uncomfortable. The last train was missed or the relationship comes over the weekend in the home. There are many reasons why there should be at least one emergency bed in each household.

If the guest room is already taken, there is no extra room for a visit or an overnight guest is looking for shelter more than planned, there are plenty of opportunities, but still in the short term

The sofa bed - a classic among guest beds

A couch that converts to a bed in a few easy steps is arguably one of the most popular sleeping accommodations for visitors. This creates a guest room in no time in the living area, and without the additional storage space is needed, there is always an extra opportunity to stay.

The quality of sofa beds has improved enormously. Above all, the so-called long-term sleepers, which are designed to be regularly converted to bed, have integrated slatted frames and comfortable spring mattresses. And also in terms of design, the offer is so large that a suitable model can be found for every taste and every style of furnishing.

Tip: Even if you do not spend the night on the sofa, it should still be a comfortable bed act. When buying not only trial seats, but also test beds, to pay attention to uncomfortable grooves or surveys, is recommended.

Hidden in the closet

As a rather old-fashioned, but very practical variant of the guest sleeping place is disguised as a piece of furniture. Who wants to use valuable space during the day, so with a Murphy bed so completely right. The visitor's bed can be placed unrecognized in the living room, study, or in a small room for guests.

When friends or relatives have left, the extra bed disappears again just as fast as it was set up. To integrate a folding bed in a wall unit is considered the most popular method. But the camouflaged models are also available as a wardrobe or sideboard in the living room.

A big plus is that the sleeping comfort here can be very high. Often, a slatted frame is integrated into the models and the mattress can be freely chosen and emptied as needed.

Bedding for inflating

If an air mattress is mentioned, the picture of a transparent swimming mat quickly disappears from the summer holiday or an uncomfortable one Camping mat in front of the inner eye. But there are now air beds that make so many pull-out couch serious competition. Even the luxury versions of the inflatable versions are cheap compared to other guest beds and quite comfortable for a few nights. The comfortable models measure around 50 centimeters high, blow through a valve, which absorbs air by itself and can be vented again in a very short time.

This variant has a clear advantage. It folds down and does not just work in your own home. Because it's easy to carry, it simply brings your own bedstead if there is a lack of beds at the destination.

Pull-out or Stacking

A pull-out sleeping place offers a practical sleeping space Variant to organize a pajama party in the nursery or to take care of a friendly couple. Under the actual bed is a second mattress in a large roll-down drawer. By pulling it out, a camp can be created for romping or overnight within a few seconds.

A stacked bed is similar in principle to the pull-out version, but has a huge advantage. From a 90-centimeter model, a large cozy double bed is created in a short time. This system is particularly suitable for small rooms. If necessary, they can sleep in both beds overnight, and in the morning, they can easily be reassembled.

Both methods have in common that a high level of sleeping comfort is possible because the type of mattress can be chosen at will. Mainly their height should be kept in mind, so that they can easily be pushed back or safely stacked.

Fold up

Square, practical, good. Having a folding mattress at home can never hurt. It is easy to stow away because of its small size and can be easily set up without the help of a second person.

Although there are also very high quality copies of this variant, but the collapsible visitor bed is not a solution for an overnight guest who for stays longer. This model can not compete with a real bed.

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