News from the luminaire front

News from the luminaire front

The lighting industry revels in the rush of color and form. New technologies and materials open up undreamt-of possibilities for designers. Of course, this irritates them.

Light is staged today, the lamp becomes a sculpture. It not only puts other things in perspective, but also itself - as a special piece of furniture, sometimes like an object of art. Designers play with the materials. They make it glow from wafer-thin biscuit porcelain, scooped-up paper, natural silk, polycarbonate, or even silicon.

Paper clouds light up the dining table, illuminated jellyfish and wire jiggle off the sofa. The role model nature is omnipresent. No wonder, trend researchers say, since the immutable processes of nature are a calming point in our hectic society.

Materials from nature

Organic forms, archaic structures and natural shades are considered to be a guarantee of wellbeing. Naturally, materials such as wood, paper and glass play the main roles. But also opaque materials such as concrete act as lampshades, which selectively illuminate dining tables or the floor below.

In addition, metals gain new importance. Copper and brass are celebrating a revival. Umbrellas are increasingly made of metal rods, which include the light of a cage equal. The sand-grain-sized LED is still the mainspring of design for the most extraordinary designs, whether poetically playful or reduced in form.

Mid-Century Design Illuminates

By the way, retro remains a reliable, dependable good old friend. Midcentury design is in demand: Colors and shapes of the 50s and 60s are both reinterpreted and quoted true to the original. While several manufacturers reissue lost grand masters from the archives, others freshen up their classics - primarily with paint.

And not a few new designs seem to claim their very first presentation, timeless and somehow a modern classic from the outset , Even luminaires that stay current and in use for many years.

Smart lighting management

Classic design does not exclude high-tech. The lighting management for the lights is increasingly taking over an infrared control, quite conveniently via remote control or smartphone app from the armchair. This is considered the simplest principle to replace the conventional switch.

Even more comfortable are bus systems with which the entire building services can be networked. Recently, the home and building technology professionals also provide wireless transmission technologies, which in addition to the control via LAN and the wireless control of lights, window blinds and more about the in-house Wi-Fi allow. More and more lamp manufacturers are bringing Wi-Fi networked LEDs out, which can also be conveniently controlled via tablet or mobile phone.

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