Moving with the old kitchen

Moving with the old kitchen

As nice as the usual kitchen is, sometimes the move is not worth it. If it does, organizational skills are necessary when changing houses.

Is the relocation of the old kitchen worthwhile?

If a move is planned and the kitchen in the old apartment is to move, organizational and planning skills are required in advance. First, the kitchen owner should carefully measure the new kitchen and note their dimensions. He compares these with the size of his kitchen equipment. Removals are worthwhile only if the old kitchen also fits into the new kitchen design.

In addition, pay attention to the location of the connections in the new apartment: Where is the connection for stove and sink, dishwasher and washing machine are well accommodated? Only if this is the case and the old furniture to the connections fits, the move is advisable.

If the kitchen does not fit exactly, changes and adjustments to the new conditions are necessary. If necessary, calculate the purchase of new parts. So the worktops must be renewed after a move usually.

Important: Before moving relocate information, if suitable spare parts are still to be purchased. Especially with kitchens that are several years old, missing parts quickly become a nuisance because the kitchen model is no longer produced. The age of the kitchen is another decision-making aid: the older the kitchen, the older also the built-in electrical appliances. Electricity eaters from the past few decades are a cost factor that can be avoided in the new apartment by buying a modern kitchen.

Those who do not want to dismantle and build themselves must necessarily include the costs for furniture fitters and transport companies.

Leaving the old kitchen in the apartment is not necessarily a minus business. Especially with well-preserved and new kitchens, a good price can be negotiated with the new tenant.

How to make the move?

If you want to break down the old kitchen yourself, you should work carefully and wisely. Make the most of complicated structures and components Photos - with this illustrative material, the structure of the hand faster.

Important: The kitchen before work completely separate from the water, gas and electricity. For your own safety, this should be done by a specialist.

Prior to disassembly, completely number all elements such as cabinets, cabinet doors and drawers in a clockwise direction. Use a washable pen. Numbering makes building easier, missing parts are easier to identify.

The kitchen appliances are removed first. Shut down the refrigerator the day before so he can defrost. Remove any buildup of water from all kitchen appliances before transport to avoid damage.

To remove the kitchen cabinet, loosen connections and screws. Stow small items such as screws safely in bags and label. It is best to attach the bags to the furniture with adhesive tape. So they are at hand during furniture assembly. If the work surface continues to be used, carefully loosen it with a carpet knife.

Before moving, fix moving parts that are not removed with adhesive tape. Do not move cabinet doors and drawers and do not hinder the transport. Suitable protection of sensitive parts, for example with bubble wrap.

With proper preparation and disassembly, the kitchen installation is less complicated. For the connection of devices with water or power supply it is absolutely necessary to hire a professional. Only he guarantees a safe and professional execution without nasty surprises.

Moving only with a fitting kitchen

If the old kitchen fits into the new home like a glove, nothing is in the way of the move. Precise work and a professional make the result perfect.

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