Relocating Tetris - Transporting the Vans Reliably

Relocating Tetris - Transporting the Vans Reliably

If you want to transport bag and bag in one go from A to B, you have to systematically load the moving truck. - Seven tips for clever packing.

Order is half the battle. Moves are either laborious and chaotic or relaxed and regulated. Those who logically plan in advance and pack carefully can start the new home without any stress.

Especially if the distance between the old and the new place of residence is far, the move should ideally go in one go. In addition, a van usually costs a lot of rent, so a lot of money can be saved by fast transport.

1. Preparations

The real work of a move begins long before the car is at the door and the towing starts. So that helpers can start directly with the loading, the moving boxes must be packed and locked, all furniture must be dismantled and all domestic appliances must be unplugged and ready for transport.

Small tip: Collect small parts like screws or nuts best in plastic bags and with adhesive tape attach the respective piece of furniture. So nothing is lost or is confused during reconstruction.

In order to walk up and down the stairs as little as possible, it is necessary to avoid individual parts. It's better to only half-fill an extra box of bulky dessert lamps or vases instead of loosely fitting them in the car. Running a lot of time unnecessarily wastes a lot of time and energy and increases the risk that something will break during the move.

An additional tool: Mark everything with colored sticky notes. For example yellow for the living room, green for the kitchen, pink for the bedroom or blue for the bathroom. If these colors are also stuck to the doors in the new apartment, this method makes it easier for all helpers to carry and place the furniture.

2. Preparing Cabinets and Chests of Drawers

Before loading the van with the large furniture, be sure to properly secure everything that has drawers or doors. Often, cabinet doors can be removed and stored separately from the rest. If you can not lock the doors, simply stick them with adhesive tape so that they do not open on their own while you are driving. The same applies to drawers. So everything that is in the respective piece of furniture can stay there and be transported to the new place of residence without a major repacking action.

It is advisable to dismantle all handles, keys or loose small parts so that no scratches or other damage occurs during transport , Again, it makes sense to collect everything in a bag and label this.

3. Ceiling protection

Mirrors, picture frames, bedside cabinets or dismantled cabinet doors can be protected with soft covers or upholstery. Most car rental companies and moving companies can rent the blankets for an additional charge.

Since flat, large parts are easily broken and prone to cracking and scratching, they are most likely to lean directly against the outside wall of the car. Even a mattress protects fragile items during the move. It can well serve as a partition between the mirrors, pictures or doors to the rest of the load. In addition, straps and ropes fix the objects on the wall so that they can not shift.

4. Inviting Moving Boxes

After attaching the long, flat items to the sides, the reloading boxes are now loaded. As a general rule, use uniform boxes when packing so that they stack better and more stably.

The heaviest boxes come down to the bottom of the floor and lose weight towards the ceiling. An evenly distributed load in the van makes driving and maneuvering much easier. It is best to stack the boxes directly to the partition wall between the cab and the load compartment to the ceiling. This creates only a minimal space between the boxes and the space is used optimally.

5. Invite large pieces of furniture

The next step is the big, bulky items. Tables, chairs, chests of drawers and everything else that can not be disassembled. It proves to be particularly practicable to start placing the furniture in the middle of the loading area and to wed it directly into one another. Arise gaps, just fill with towels, blankets, pillows or other soft objects. The furniture thus has a protective layer and at the same time no useful space is wasted.

Anyone who possesses particularly valuable furniture can also place a blanket directly on the floor of the car, so that all objects stand on padded ground.

6. Invite household appliances

Ideally, load the household appliances into the Sprinter last. Washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator usually weigh a lot. Being able to unload again right at the beginning is an advantage. The new home is still empty, there are no obstacles in the way and the devices can be moved directly to their new location.

7. Do not save on safety belts

So that all furniture and all passengers survive the move without damage, it is advisable to additionally secure the entire load in the interior. During a braking maneuver, furniture quickly slips or falls over and quickly causes major damage.

Safety belts are usually provided by car rental companies. Turns out that these are not enough, rather invest ten euros and buy additional straps, as risking an accident. Lashing straps or ropes for attaching the load, there is every hardware store.