Relocation Insurance

Relocation Insurance

Nearly every move involves minor, sometimes major, damage. The vernacular sums it up in the proverb "Three times moved is once burnt down."

Often enough already falls on the first move exactly the box with the expensive porcelain dishes or the brand new Notbook down the stairs. Moving insurance can be very helpful as it at least compensates for the financial loss.

Private move

Damage caused by moves without a professional company is not covered. Although there is home insurance, this can, but does not have to afford. It assures certain defined dangers (fire, water, etc.), but no damages resulting from gross negligence. For example, if you have a badly packed moving box, you can stay on the damage so fast. Nevertheless, experts advise in this case, the damage "on suspicion" to submit to the insurance; However, the chances of success are usually low.

Moving with a forwarding company or moving company

If you commit a freight forwarding company, you are covered to a certain extent. The legislature has obliged removal companies to take out insurance for the damage they cause themselves. This insurance includes a so-called basic liability, the value of which amounts to 620, - € / m³. If a removal company lends a pickup truck with a driver, it also takes on the basic liability. However, it does not cover damage due to force majeure. These are on the one hand weather events (besides smoothness also raining-in of valuable electronics during the move), on the other hand accidents by third parties. It expressly refers to the activity of the removal company and its employees. In addition, it insures only the fair value, but not the replacement value of items. Especially in the field of electronics, but also other valuable but fragile things that can be precarious. In some cases, electronic devices are even excluded by the insurers of the removal companies.

Another fact: the insurance company's shipping company only replaces damage that occurs in boxes packed by the freight forwarders (because one rightly assumes that there is enough expertise in packing). In practice, however, every household packs their own moving boxes. In case of damage, you are not insured by the forwarding agent.

It is therefore advisable for the moving party to conclude a removal insurance, which in this case is called transport insurance. This is offered to companies and private individuals, whereby the packages are laced rather for the trade. However, freight forwarders offer this insurance to private customers. In any case, a transport insurance replaces the replacement value for damage that occurs during transport. The basis of calculation is the value of the household contents and the duration of the move.

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