Moving - changing wallpaper made easy

Moving - changing wallpaper made easy

Pack up, unpack - ready! Unfortunately, relocations are rarely so easy in reality. Basically, the organization of the move is the nuts and bolts!

Relaxed moving - tips and tricks

  • Planning is everything: The move starts even before packing
  • Not too easy and not too difficult: How to Pack Moving Boxes Properly
  • Pros Carry Better: Moving Company at MyHammer
  • Day of Handover: Avoid Trouble After Moving
  • Unknown warped? Who cares about yours Relocation should inform

Planning is everything: The move begins even before packing

Get an overview before you start packing: furniture, clothing, books, other possessions - everything does not always have to move with you. Mist thoroughly before packing. That way, there's less to transport and you save time, money and space.

From the beginning, carry out a relocation checklist, including scheduling: What do you have to do and organize everything? When should the move take place? When will the bulky waste be picked up? When should everything be packed? When is the handover?

  • Do not make cartons too heavy and not heavier than 20 kg
  • Always pack heavy down
  • Free hold holes
  • Pack match to match
  • Make books and pictures upright
  • Cushion the fragile enough
  • You can check if you have packed properly by shaking it lightly
  • Write the target room on the box

Not too light and not too heavy: This is how to pack moving boxes right

Packed correctly, your belongings are protected against damage during transport and also the carriers are not overloaded. Another plus: You can find important things faster! The following rules should be kept in mind:

  • Do not make cartons too full and not heavier than 20 kg
  • Always pack heavy down
  • Release handle holes
  • Pack match to equal
  • Set Upright books and pictures
  • Pad enough fragile items
  • Slightly shake it to see if you packed properly
  • Write the target room on the box

Tip: The number of boxes needed is nightly of each individually dependent. Schedule about 15-25 boxes per person .

The "For All Cases" box: Pack helpful items in a box. You should always have a flashlight, cleaning supplies, scissors, tape, garbage bags and a screwdriver handy.

Professionals Carry Better: Moving Companies at MyHammer

You can save a lot of time and hassle by hiring a moving company

Search for a suitable company no later than four weeks before your move. Incidentally, this is particularly easy with MyHammer: You describe your move order once and then submit offers. And so choose the right provider:

  • The cheapest provider is not automatically the best. Qualifications and assessments of a provider should be taken into account in your decision!
  • Moving companies can only calculate reliably if you describe your order accurately. Please list all the furniture as well as the number and size of the boxes.
  • Good removal companies will make the move day easier for you with special services, such as: the establishment of a no-stop zone.
  • To be protected in the event of a claim, ask for the company's insurance conditions.
  • Plants and animals are often excluded from liability. Carry on your own.

Tip: Plan the placement of furniture in advance - preferably with a furniture plan. The effort for such a self-made sketch is always less than to rearrange in retrospect.

Liability: According to §§451 ff. HGB a furniture forwarder is liable up to a maximum of EUR 620,00 per cbm removals. Externally visible damage must be reported in detail no later than one day after delivery. For damages that are not externally recognizable, a period of 14 days applies.

Day of handover: Avoid trouble after moving

Different things must be clarified with the landlord or tenant. First, check the condition of your rental agreement for the handover of the apartment. A handover protocol records the condition of the apartment for the individual rooms and the meter readings - you should not do without it. Also keep the handover of fixtures in writing and the agreed transfer fee.

Unknown warped? Who you should inform about your move!

If important mail misses its addressee, it can get really annoying! Inform all important points in time. Be sure to take note of the registration deadline in order to avoid a fine. This varies from community to community. Overview of the bodies that you must definitely inform:

  • Registration Office
  • Tax Office
  • Employer / Employment Agency
  • Fee Collection Center (GEZ)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Vehicle Registration Office

Tip: Redirect mail to the new address: a forwarding order significantly reduces the workload and letters and parcels are forwarded to the post office for up to 12 months.

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