Moving Boxes - Safely Packing Home

Moving Boxes - Safely Packing Home

Every move requires containers in which things can be stowed. Here are especially moving boxes in question. They come in different shapes for different purposes and in different quality.

Buy Moving Boxes: Sizes and Models

Moving boxes are one of the most important helpers when changing your home. The practical cartons are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and when folded form a sturdy cardboard box for household items. Moving boxes are available in almost all hardware stores as well as in some furniture markets and of course can be reused after a move environmentally friendly. Moving boxes are offered in different sizes with different capacities, the standard size is at a width of 50 to 55 cm and a height of 30 to 40 cm. Moving boxes are sometimes available in different size divisions such as M and L. In addition to simple cardboard boxes in rectangular shape, there are also the following special boxes for removals:

  • Book boxes (with reinforced bottom)
  • Garment boxes (with hanging clothes rail)
  • Dinner boxes (with cardboard sorting system)
  • Folder boxes ( for A4 folders with visible folder backs)

In order to determine the need for boxes before moving, free computers can be used on the Internet. The required number of boxes is determined on the basis of the number of persons, years of residence and room. Buy or rent: Moving boxes are also available for rent, with rental rates charged per day.

Pack moving boxes properly for a hassle-free change of residence

Packing materials are needed to pack the boxes. These packaging materials include:

  • Bubble wrap (for computers, lamps, to protect furniture surfaces)
  • Wrapping paper (for dishes, glass)
  • Tissue paper (for glass, crockery)
  • Adhesive tape

For commercial moving boxes applies: A weight of 15 to 20 kilos should not be exceeded when packing. Moving boxes are particularly stable when the heavy items are placed on the ground and stabilize it at the same time. When packing should also be taken to ensure that the grip holes remain free. If these grip holes are blocked from the inside, the box can only be transported bulky. It is also important that sensitive items such as glasses and vases are well packaged, so they arrive safely in the new apartment. For glasses, dishes and vases are bubble wrap, wrapping paper and tissue paper. The moving boxes should be sorted by room and labeled if possible, so that the unpacking is very fast by hand. Heavy household items such as crockery are best spread over several boxes and mixed with light items such as household textiles or plastic bowls underneath.

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