Moving Abroad - Emigration on Time

Moving Abroad - Emigration on Time

Moving within Germany is challenging. Anyone who relocates to other European countries or overseas, however, has much more to consider and to plan.

Thorough preparation - a must!

Other countries have different customs. That is why it is very important to inform oneself intensively about the target country, and not only about the foreign culture, but above all about the prevailing insurance regulations, school or military obligations, import restrictions, customs requirements and possibly required visas. The information service of the Federal Office of Administration (BVA), which has been collecting and evaluating emigration documents since 1959, is a great help here.
Anyone who is transferred abroad by their employer receives support from a relocation company or relocation in most cases -Agency. These experts have experience in relocating Germany abroad and know the rules of the country of destination.

Animals and plants - who or what is allowed?

Some countries have restrictions on certain plants. It is best to study thoroughly the 'entry and entry requirements' of the destination country. And not just about plants.
When pets move, there are many things to consider. Here the veterinarian helps. He knows which animals need to be vaccinated against. Some countries even mandate quarantine stays for beloved four-legged friends. And also the transport must be well planned, it should be as good as possible for the animal in all the stress.

What else is to consider

The health insurance is now particularly significant. Here prefer to be double insured for a month, than not at all!
When leaving Germany must also be the deregistration of the registration office immediately before the arrival in the new country, because that is a prerequisite for the registration at the new place of residence. Many foreign authorities require evidence of sufficient liquidity or the presentation of original documents. These may need to be translated and certified in other languages. It is very important to start the planning so early that all notice periods of current contracts are met.

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