Moving to a retirement home - checking insurance needs

Moving to a retirement home - checking insurance needs

Usually nobody thinks of insurance companies until grandma or grandpa has to move for the last time. After all, the situation is painful enough. However, the need for insurance also changes as radically as the circumstances of your life!

The obvious is usually done by the old people or their relatives as a matter of course: terminate the lease or sell the apartment. Cancel or change the telephone connection and the GEZ. Indicate the place of residence official as well as postal. On the "agenda move nursing home" but must also be the review of contracts and insurance. And not only to repel the often overlooked card corpses like the bicycle insurance that has become unnecessary.

Cancel legal expenses and accident insurance!

A hot pursuit is the legal expenses insurance. Because residents of retirement homes rarely lead processes. The accident insurance can also be shelved at the latest now. Because accident insurance pay for people over 65 years no longer disability, but at best still pensions. At the most, a repurchase can be considered.

And what about household insurance?

Only a few personal belongings can move into the old people's or nursing home: the parlor cabinet. The armchair maybe. The clothes and the TV. It is questionable whether the few are worth the expensive insurance cover. Refrigerator, stove and washing machine are no longer needed anyway. In addition, a home contents protection is already included in many home care in the home contract.

What is needed: Liability, care level, powers of attorney

A must, however, is the maintenance of personal liability insurance. Even residents can accidentally inflict expensive damage on other people. These can hardly be compensated by the pension, especially since the pension anyway usually hardly enough for the home costs. Important is a look at the policy. Does the insurance pay even if the old person can no longer fully account for his actions, for example through illnesses such as dementia? Then definitely keep the policy. Otherwise, change insurer, if possible.

At least now: have life insurance paid out!

With health insurance, care levels and nursing supplements must be completed and adjusted. What must not be forgotten in diseases such as dementia: Have a timely attendance issued! Because: The sick person is sometime no longer capable of acting. Then the caring relatives can act for him and make decisions. Continuation can, if available, the death benefit insurance. But life insurance should be phased out and paid out. For who has paid a lifetime, may in the late autumn of his days to enjoy the benefits earned.

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