Motion detectors - Protection against burglary and light in the dark

Motion detectors - Protection against burglary and light in the dark

Motion detectors are used in everyday life They are often used on residential buildings, in hallways and in the outskirts of residential areas.

Outside, motion detectors are not just alarm systems - the motion detector lamp is also widely used and adds to safety. The latter has yet another practical benefit: Entrance areas or courtyards are illuminated automatically when entering, and a manual operation of the light switch is thus superfluous. Depending on the type of motion sensor based on passive infrared, microwave or ultrasonic technology, the first variant is the most common. Ideally, consult a specialist for detailed advice on the different types.

Presence or motion detectors?

The passive infrared motion detector uses pyroelectricity to deal with sudden temperature changes in the environment to register. When a motion event is detected, it signals the device and automatically activates the light. With an ever-evolving technology, the modern motion detector lamp is increasingly capable of detecting only those motion events that are relevant (that is, caused by people) and ignoring inconsequential events such as flying objects. Furthermore, a distinction is made between the classic motion detector and presence detectors. Motion detectors are ideal for the exterior or hallways of a residential building as they only activate the light source when motion is detected. In addition, the lighting duration of the lamp with motion detector can be individually adjusted as needed or desired. Presence detectors, on the other hand, are ideal for the interiors of a residential building or office. These register the presence of people and illuminate the rooms only as long as someone is in it. Both types have sensors or twilight switches that measure the brightness in the environment and only switch on the light after a certain threshold.

Retrofit presence simulation: what does it cost?

These and other questions are answered in the price radar on the topic of presence simulation.

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