Modernizing an Old Staircase - Step by Step

Modernizing an Old Staircase - Step by Step

It is in practice often not easy to modernize an old staircase In addition to technical challenges are also legal hurdles to take.

1. Check which measures are permitted for old stairs

Building regulations change. A staircase that was allowed 50 years ago can be banned today. But she enjoys protection of her property, that is, a new building according to new regulations is not necessary. In a comprehensive renovation, a limit is quickly exceeded, which enforces a conversion according to the current regulations.

Another obstacle is the protection of monuments, some old stairs may not be modernized. Therefore, it makes sense to ask the responsible building authority before the actual planning.

2. Plan Scope of Work

An architect or a carpenter at a wooden staircase should help with this step. The first question to be answered is whether there are technical reasons for changing stairs, for example because the existing staircase is dilapidated. Usually a stairway renovation is sufficient. Depending on the condition of the steps, an exchange or a new stable covering is required.

Attention: The replacement of many parts can endanger the protection of the stock. Therefore, it makes more sense to cover the steps with non-breakable material.

3. Concrete Planning of the Modernization

Now it is time to plan the exact procedure. Should only the treads or the risers be renewed? What about the cheeks and the railing? The material for the renovation largely depends on what material the old staircase consists of. Plastic coverings are suitable for all staircases, the fixed superstructure with wood is only an alternative for wooden stairs.

In this phase, it makes sense to submit various offers from specialist companies and to look for DIY systems in hardware stores.

4th Contact the Building Authority for safety

Once the nature and extent of the measure has been determined, it is time to discuss it with the Building Department. Possibly a building application is required or the measure is not allowed. Only if the Office knows the exact extent, it can decide whether the protection continues to apply, or whether it issues conditions within the framework of the monument protection.

5. Order placement or purchase of materials

Only now does it make sense to place a binding order, or to acquire material for DIY. Thereby a time window has to be considered. During modernization, the staircase is limited or not usable. Concrete appointments can be arranged with craftsmen.

Do-it-yourselfers should reckon with a long construction time as a precautionary measure and wonder if this time actually exists. A useless staircase is a big drawback.

6. Renovating the Stairs

Whether a craftsman or a do-it-yourselfer is doing the modernization, during construction the following things will happen: The old decking or old steps will be removed. The stairs are no longer usable. Now, the setting of new levels, or the order of the new pavement. Partly, a drying time is required before the stairs is to commit again. When replacing the cheeks or the railing, the staircase can be walked on with the necessary caution.

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