Modern Alarm Systems

Modern Alarm Systems

Alarm systems serve a central concern of the inhabitants of a house: their own safety.

Security for Home and Residents

Alarm systems do not provide complete protection, but they significantly increase home security.

Basically, there are two types of backup:

The Trap Monitoring works with motion detectors. Several areas in and around the house are secured by motion detectors. The problem here are motion detectors that react with light flooding when they register a movement in their vicinity. The flood of light occurs when approaching a burglar as well as approaching the inhabitants or larger animals. Sometimes the light is even helpful for the burglar.

The second type of backup is called Exterior Surveillance . All access to the house such as windows, doors and other options such as walls, ceilings and floors are part of the outer skin. You will be monitored for the steps and openings, for the opening and also for the closure. For example, this alarm system responds to breaking glass.

In addition to various backup systems, there are also several types of alerting. If the house is in the immediate vicinity, strong acoustic and optical signals are particularly suitable. A quick intervention is thus made possible, the offender may even be dissuaded from his act.

For single houses, however, a silent alarm , which is inaudible to the burglar, makes sense. One or more stored telephone numbers are automatically dialed in this type of alarm to inform homeowners or acquaintances. In combination with the signals for the residents, the remote alarm is still available. In addition, police or security services are alerted.

Alarm systems work with ultrasonic or infrared sensors. The data is transmitted by radio or by cable. Decisive for the smooth functioning of the alarm system is the participation of the residents. Thus, alarm systems should always be installed at a sufficient height so that they can not be tampered with.
However, home security is not only at risk from burglars, but also from fire, flood or other external circumstances. Smoke, gas and water detectors are therefore a sensible supplement to the home alarm system.

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