Mini-Biotope - Gardening Tips

Mini-Biotope - Gardening Tips

A mini biotope consists of a small water surface that can be planted. To enjoy the mini pond for a long time, care is essential.

A mini biotope requires little space and is suitable for any garden. For the so-called Ecospheres, which are closed ecosystems in a glass ball, even a balcony is sufficient. But for most, a mini biotope is a planted pond in the garden. So that flora and fauna have perfect conditions to develop and develop a handsome look is necessary over the garden year care. Each season has its own requirements.

Planting the mini-biotope in spring

Spring is themed "tidying up and planting". When the days get warmer, the best planting time is. Before that old and dead plant parts are to be removed. Large plants can also be well divided or reduced in spring.

In pond maintenance, water lilies and Co. are cut back so far that about two-thirds of the water surface remains free. In order to contain the algae in the water, a planting with underwater and floating plants is necessary. The plants filter the water and maintain the ecosystem. In addition, you can regularly remove filamentous algae with a landing net.

Summer is not all about enjoyment

Of course, the mini-biotope invites you to enjoy it in summer, but there is always something to do with miniature pond. The biggest danger in the summer is that the water evaporates or tips over. The fishing of algae and the control of the water level are therefore important in the summer.

Furthermore, the warm temperatures invite to an annual complete cleaning. In the pond, the sludge can be removed and possible fish and amphibians can be checked for injuries or diseases.

In the bedding plants, weeds have to be removed between April and August in order to give enough space and light to the perennials and flowers.

Most of the work is done in the garden in the fall

In autumn there is much to do in the garden. Leaves and dead plant parts must now be removed from the plant. However, you should leave seed bearing plants and grasses. The birds are grateful for this food source.

The main task is to winterize the mini biotope. In autumn, the plants can be cut back a second time. Shoots that branch into the water or outside the bedding boundary are to be cut back.

In winter only the fishpond needs work

In winter the garden is in hibernation. If there are fish in the mini-biotope, make sure that the pond does not completely freeze. This is usually guaranteed with a wooden or styrofoam floating float. Should the pond still freeze, the ice can be opened with hot water. There is no need for pimples, hammers and Co., because the pressure waves can be harmful to the fish.

A mini-biotope is not just work

A mini-biotope does work, but most of the time it lasts to create an oasis of peace in this place. Each season has its own highlights.

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