Metal Fences - Decorative and Above All Safe

Metal Fences - Decorative and Above All Safe

Metal fences are the Solution for homeowners or gardeners looking for stable and beautiful fences that require little or no care.

Special features of metal fences

The fences are made up of so-called single mats of different sizes. These are made of horizontally and vertically arranged metal rods. Depending on the quality of the fence, the bars are made of stainless steel, coated with plastic or hot-dip galvanized. The bars are spot-welded and can not be moved against each other.

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The so-called mesh fence is extremely stable thanks to this construction. Visually, it impresses with its straight vertical and horizontal lines. Unlike a hunter fence, metal fences are unobtrusive. The ratio between the view blocking material and free surfaces is even in mat fences. They consist of the same size of less material than other fences. The sturdy mats are durable and offer safety.

While the simple fences are more likely to be used in the industrial sector or leisure facilities such as sports fields, similarly constructed fences with decorative elements prevail in the private sector. Bows, circles or other ornaments loosen the otherwise austere look.

More safety through metal

Wooden fences can often be destroyed without tools, a normal metal scissors sever each chain link fence. To damage a metal fence requires a cut-off grinder or a stable saw. The double-rod matting fence is a bit more stable. Here, the vertical bars are not welded one-sidedly to the horizontal, but are firmly welded between pairs of horizontal bars.

Safety also means that the fence can not harm passers-by, children or pets. Wood tends to break and splinter. If you walk along the fence, you may injure yourself or tear your clothes. This can not happen with a metal fence. Due to the vertical bars, which usually protrude slightly above the uppermost horizontal bar, climbing over is made even more difficult. If you want to play it safe, opt for a particularly high metal fence. The trade offers models up to a height of two meters.

Screen protection is possible on request

If the garden is not limited by a fence made of wooden elements, the installation of protective mats made of reed or PVC is recommended. However, the privacy screen and garden fence do not form a single unit, as the fence stands in front of the screens. For metal fences, on the other hand, colored plastic strips are available that can be weaved around the bars. The strips of hard PVC are weather-resistant and have standardized sizes, so that the installation is easy to carry out.

Care and life

In contrast to wooden fences, metal fences need no care, the time-consuming impregnation is eliminated. Coated or galvanized fences last about 15 to 20 years, it is enough to wash them off from time to time. Stainless steel lasts even longer.

Nor does a metal fence suffer from the weight of plants, which can cause wooden fences to tilt or even tip over. Wooden fences are often glazed in color, the manufacturers of metal fences now offer these in a variety of colors. Dark green or brown are common, but blue and red are also available.

Metal fence - good but not cheap alternative

Metal fences are ideal for those who want a long-lasting, stable and visually inconspicuous fence. These benefits come at a price. A galvanized garden fence element of 60 centimeters high and 250 centimeters wide costs about 30 euros. In comparison, a fighter-fence element of the same size costs around ten euros.

Building a fence: what does it cost?

We answer these and many other questions in the price radar around the topic of building fence.

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