Awakening electrical equipment poses a fire hazard

Awakening electrical equipment poses a fire hazard

Instead of constantly plugging in the old building plug, a needs-based installation makes everyday life easy

As beautiful as the Gründerzeit villa looks with its preserved style elements, one drawback weighs heavily: the original electrical installation is still in operation. There are no sockets and lamp connections everywhere. Tracking the news ticker while sipping vegetables while sipping latte macchiato from the coffee machine while listening to music through the Dolby Surround system? None. The coveted Art Nouveau apartment literally turns out to be a supply gap. Those who have too little cans either cook quietly or improve.

Cable Salad and Pitfalls

The number of power connections that used to be common is nowhere near enough for the rapidly increasing technology and can even become dangerous. Consumers are inventing crazy makeshift designs in order to stay in the noiseless darkness. Tentacle-like power distributors are attached to individual sockets, not only in student booths, but also computers, printers and mini-systems. Crisscross the room run cable cable ties to the TV or the mobile phone charger. Electricians are often amazed by the fact that several power strips are connected one behind the other, warning them of the dangers involved.

Temporaries are burning faster

Apart from the visual weakness of emergency solutions, cable clutter poses considerable risks. Connected in series in several socket strips, the power of all connected devices is added up. The very high current flow then quickly exceeds the permissible limit. Devices and especially cheap cables are hot and ignite in the worst case. Every third apartment fire is based on ailing or congested lines.

Old shells break fast

In addition to sockets, older homes often lack sufficient circuits. Only with annoying chiselling the electrician can complete it. Then the painter has to plaster. Because new lines can not simply be plugged together with still need-based, but old cables. Often the rubber coverings that have been plastered dry out before due to age. They break as soon as the connection is uncovered and moved. The resulting cracks barely recognizes the naked eye. A short circuit in the final plastered wall is foreseeable.

Protection against self-destruction

Modern flat screen televisions or sound systems are sometimes so powerful that they do not simply fail when the power grid is overloaded, but cause irreparable damage. In order to protect them from themselves, electricians recommend, in addition to residual current circuit breakers, the RCDs (residual current devices), to install overvoltage protection.

Retrofitting best with RAL-RG 678

Who decides to modernize, can retrofit individual cans. But you should definitely be provided with separate RCDs. However, the cost-to-benefit ratio is unfavorable. More complex, but more effective, is to update the entire power system while adding to your needs. Electrical associations advise to adhere to the RAL-RG 678 directive. It describes three equipment levels, always oriented to apartments with seventy-five to one hundred square meters of living space. They range from a one-star minimum supply to a three-star comfort solution.

How many tins does the room need?

The one-star living room with an area of ​​up to 20 square meters has eleven sockets, the second Star room over 16 and the three-star comfort variant over 18. Telecommunication connections are extra. Nursery rooms today require four to six connections for light, PC and games console, as well as six laundry and ironing rooms. About the recommended number of cans per room and area provide electrical trade, tenants and land owners associations information.

Better plan generously

The future in sight should be installed in the walls like electronics boxes with expandable connection space or electrical installation pipes. Through their channels can be used with changed use more lines pull - without having to open walls and repaint. Thus, the baby room can be converted later with little effort to the study. Even with tile or parquet work, power connections can be installed cleverly. In hidden floor canals, cans are stored in floor tanks.

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