Make allergy friendly household

Make allergy friendly household

House dust mites and mold in the home, are poison for allergy sufferers. The living space can be converted with some measures to the allergy-free zone.

New buildings are often very dense due to good thermal insulation. This increases the humidity and creates optimal conditions for dust mites. They feel comfortable in humid and warm climates and multiply. If allergic persons live in the household, that is counteract. Even small changes can help to live without complaints.

Preventive measures against house dust mites

Mold and house dust mites in the living room can trigger allergies. The mites are not visible to the naked eye. They feed on dander, which are inevitably found in every household. A house dust allergy is caused by special protein molecules that are found in mite faeces, which some people are allergic to.

In an allergy household, daily cleaning of the living space is particularly important in order to prevent the mites from having any room for propagation. The daily wiping of the floor and the wooden furniture is obligatory, only then can the mite excrement be eliminated and the setting of a population prevented.

Floor coverings that allow little dust are sensible. That means no carpet, cork, linoleum, laminate or parquet for allergy-sensitive people instead. The allergy-causing mite faeces are less liable to adhere to smooth surfaces.

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In the bedroom, best do without the carpeting or put on short-pile or special allergy rugs that are commercially available. They bind the fine dust and thus keep it away from the breathing air. Long curtains in the bedroom are dust catcher and therefore avoid for allergy sufferers. Frequent cleaning and dusting is also required in the bedroom.

In general, in the living room for allergy sufferers, care must be taken that the humidity remains below 60%. Heating and regular ventilation creates an uncomfortable climate for mites. If you want to invest, you can rely on a venting system, which automatically collects pollutants, dust and mites through a filter. Changing the filter should be done once a year.

An Allergy-Friendly Bedroom Increases Sleep Quality

Mattresses, carpets and upholstered furniture are particularly popular with dust mites. Here you will find their food, which consists of dander and molds. Even in bad times, they can survive very well there. Only those who break through the cycle of population will receive long-lasting success in the fight against the annoying vermin.

Particular attention is paid to the bedroom furniture. In addition to special allergy-friendly bedding, also microfiber bedding is well suited. This should be washed at 60 degrees at least every two to three weeks. This temperature is deadly to the mites.

Mattresses can be covered with extra densely woven special covers. So-called encasings do not let mites through the surface, keeping the allergens inside the mattress. Dander can not penetrate and thus provide no food. If you want to invest more, buy a waterbed, this is the best solution for allergy sufferers.

Plants are sources of mites and should be avoided in the bedroom. Even mold in the soil can cause an allergy.

Acute measures against dust mites

Carpets and carpets are to be cleaned with dust mite chemicals at least twice a year. This is the only way to sustainably reduce the population. Special vacuum cleaner filters and a constant high suction power with special fine dust filters help to control the fine dust.

A costly measure is a renovation of the walls. Allergy sufferers should do without structure plaster. Smooth ceilings and walls are less dust collectors than rough or natural fiber. Be sure to select tapestries or paints to absorb moisture.

Some smaller and larger measures help to make the household more hypoallergenic and to improve the quality of life for those affected.

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