Make the balcony & terrace fit for the season

Make the balcony & terrace fit for the season

After the winter, it's time to prepare the balcony and terrace for the summer.

Clean the Balcony and Terrace

From the end of February to the beginning of March, the best time to start your spring cleaning on the balcony and terrace is before you start planting. Floor and parapets are to be rid of the dirt. At the same time, wood needs to be cared for.

It is also time in the spring to make garden furniture and its covers. Often, minor repairs or a new painting are due. Cushions and covers should be washed or replaced if necessary.

It is advisable to carry out the work at the beginning of the season. Then, as soon as the first rays of sunshine are released, you can relax comfortably in the spring sunshine.

Soon it will turn green and bloom again

Night frosts can be expected by the end of May, although most of the potted plants are allowed to go out at the end of March. In many plants, long thin shoots have formed in winter. These are to be removed. Otherwise, a pruning with fast-growing plants, fruit trees and roses makes sense. Conifers do not tolerate a cut badly. When in doubt, it's better to ask a gardener than cut off too much.

In a sheltered place near the wall of the house, it does not freeze anymore. Styrofoam plates can help against cold from below as a coaster.

Important: The tubs must be on a rainy day on the terrace or balcony. A sudden change from the winter quarters into the blazing sun leads to burn injuries of the leaves. Most plants in pots and pots need a start fertilization after the winter. The stronger light, the increasing number of days, and fresh water quickly sprout new green.

From March, it's time to plant window boxes with summer flowers, such as geraniums and petunias. If the weather report reported strong frosts, the boxes are covered with Lustpolsterfolie. Tip: Not quite mature compost is fertilizer and provides heat in the planters.

A busy day is enough

Broom, scrubber and a garden hose are sufficient for the "spring cleaning". A high-pressure cleaner usually causes damage to the surfaces and should at most be used at reduced pressure. The large cleaning of the terrace or balcony begins with a thorough sweeping. To relieve mosses and algae after the winter, a home remedy made from cornflour and washing soda has proven itself: 20 grams of stirred starch are dissolved in two liters of boiling water and 200 grams of soda as well as eight liters of water enriched. The tough pulp remains moist for hours and even sticks to vertical surfaces. After soaking, even stubborn dirt can be removed with a scrubber and plenty of water.

If paint has dissolved, it's time to renew the paint. It is sufficient to roughen the old paint with sandpaper beforehand. Wood without protective coating can be protected with oils from moisture and UV light.

Important: The wood must be completely dry before it is coated with wood oil. This oozes into the pores and forms a protective film. Furniture, floors and panels made of wood are thus perfectly protected.

After these preparations summer can come - the life on the terrace does not stand in the way.

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