Luxury for the darling on four wheels: extras for the garage

Luxury for the darling on four wheels: extras for the garage

A comfortable garage equipment is anything but superfluous luxury. It helps maintain the value of the car.

Luxury or sensible comfort

The Latin word "luxury" stands for waste. Today, it refers to equipment or a lifestyle that goes beyond what is usually considered meaningful.

In the past, a car was generally a luxury, but today few brands are luxury cars. The upper class of Mercedes, Rover or Jaguar is one of them. The Hummer from General Motors and the SUV-designated car types also adhere to this image.

The vehicles are equipped with a great deal of technical comfort and most owners are convinced that their cars offer upscale but meaningful comfort. In this sense, they also want to equip the garage. They want comfort. It is important to you that the car is safely stored. Your stay in the room should not be damaged.

The useful features of the garage include a canopy, alarm system, heating, ventilation and gates that open automatically. Carpeting or even real Persians, which treat some owners as a stylish ambience, are not only superfluous. They damage the cars because they store moisture and delay the drying out of the room air.

A canopy for the garage

The canopy fulfills an important function at the entrance to the house. It protects the interior of the house from rainwater. Besides, no one stands in the rain while he opens the front door.

At the garage, a large canopy, under which the entire car is protected, is an invaluable asset. When the door is open no rain penetrates. More importantly, the ability to dry the car under the roof even in bad weather.

Moisture in garages make for the interior of the car and the body a great burden. The canopy prevents that, mold and rust barely a chance to damage the vehicle.

The car needs air

Ideal are ventilation grills on the rear wall and ventilation slots on the door. Close to martens and rodents, close-meshed grilles protect the openings.

Those who like their favorite four-wheeler well will install an electric ventilation system. This sensibly starts automatically from a humidity of more than 40 percent. Even better are electronic systems that additionally take into account the temperature and humidity of the outside air. They prefer to ventilate when it's cool and dry outside.

Anybody who "mothes" a car over winter should not cover it with a hood. The air has to circulate. To be on the safe side, the windows should be ajar.

Heaters are problematic

A garage, which is always warm and cozy, is appreciated by the drivers of the vehicles. A heated stand is not well suited to the car.

Chemical processes drain faster the warmer it is and mold mushrooms explosively. It does not make sense to heat a garage to more than five degrees. Frost does not harm the stationary car.

The situation is different with starting and driving. A cold start puts a lot of strain on the engine. To spare the unit this, offer cooling water and auxiliary heating in the car, instead of a space heater. It suffices to start heating these systems about 15 minutes before the scheduled start.

Bright light ensures safety

A well-lit garage is not a luxury but necessary. Ideally, the light is coupled to a motion detector and comes on as soon as someone approaches the garage or enters the room.

Modern systems can also be coupled with burglary sensors. Light shuns burglars more at night than a loud alarm. They fear being seen and are not sure if a resident of the house has turned it on.

Automatic Doors Provide High Convenience

Gates that open and close by radio are now almost standard on garages. No one has to get out and open the gate by hand, it is possible to drive straight into the garage.

Without the automatic, many drivers leave the door open during their absence. This often helps burglars gain access to the house. In addition, martens or mice can move in.

Important: The systems need a TÜV certificate. The transmitters must not respond to general radio signals, but only to a coded character from the associated transmitter. In addition, the gates must stop before they touch an obstacle.

An alarm protects against thieves

A high-quality car represents a significant value and attracts thieves. A door that can not be easily levered open with a sturdy lock is essential.

For added protection, an alarm system should be installed by a specialist. It knows where the sensor is needed to trigger an alarm.

More luxury can hurt the car. In addition to the carpet, a washing area in the garage is nonsensical and harmful to the vehicle. It should be kept cool and dry so that rust and mold do not cause any damage.

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